4 reasons self-care increases your confidence

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It’s no surprise that looking after our bodies, minds and souls has a big impact on how we feel about ourselves. Simple lifestyle changes like learning to eat well, reducing stress and exercising regularly are fantastic ways to boost self-confidence over time and are the self-care building blocks that can help you maintain a positive lifestyle long-term.

Here are just four ways self-care can boost your confidence: 

  1. Self-care makes you feel good 

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Taking the time to look after yourself has big results. 

Not only will you benefit from those lifestyle changes in the long term but you might find you actually enjoy the time spent looking after yourself. For example, it may be a real struggle to motivate yourself to get up early in the morning to do a gruelling workout class but once your there you might actually have fun! Afterwards, you’ll feel great for having attended and from all of those spine-tingling endorphins too – a win-win.

  1. When we feel good on the inside, we look great on the outside

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It’s no secret that when we feel great about ourselves, it shines through for the world to see. 

Taking care of our bodies and our minds will have a big impact on how we appear to the outside world. Eating better, doing more exercise, taking up meditation and making time for the things we enjoy, are all serious mood-boosters. 

  1. It’s really easy to do 

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The idea of making a huge lifestyle change can seem daunting at first. 

However, it’s important to remember that just about everyone can make small improvements to their lifestyle, no matter how small or large. Something as simple as taking an extra five minutes in the mirror each morning can transform the way we feel about ourselves – a new skincare routine or perhaps just a slick of lipstick can give you that extra boost to start your day. 

If the idea of a brand new lifestyle plan seems like a whole lot of hard work, make a small change each time you pop to the supermarket. Instead of picking up that packet of biscuits or bottle of wine, opt for a healthy alternative, there are some delicious healthy snacks available such as yummy fruit smoothies and nut-based protein bars that fuel your mind and body (but taste like chocolate)! 

  1. It doesn’t have to stop at self-care 

self-careMany people perceive self-care to be rather indulgent when, in reality, it’s far from the case. There are many ways to feel great about yourself and boost your confidence, just by helping others. 

Another great way to boost your confidence through self-care is to look after the environment. ‘Doing your bit’ can be as simple as joining the 36% of women only buying cruelty-free beauty products or upping the amount of waste you recycle. Sustainable and cruelty-free beauty products have seen a huge surge in popularity over the last 18 months, and you’ll now find sustainable alternatives for almost all beauty products out there.  By regularly carrying out these small tasks, you’ll sub-consciously enjoy a little lift as you do good for the planet. 

Ready to try self-care?

If you’re new to self-care or are simply looking for ways to make a new lifestyle change, we want to hear about your experience. Comment below and join the self-love movement!

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