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A few weeks ago, my sister and I embarked on a spontaneous road trip to the Breedekloof Valley. We wanted to visit Bosjes farm and see the iconic chapel. The 183-year-old farm is a mere 90-minute drive from Cape Town. Bosjes Chapel For the longest time, I’ve wanted to see the iconic Bosjes chapel. Designed by Coetzee Steyn, this remarkable piece of architecture mirrors the curves of the mountains. Nestled between the Slanghoek and Waaihoek mountain range, the chapel is visible from every angle on the farm. Bosjes chapel is

Hello, lovelies! I recently collaborated with Loren from StyleByLoren, a fashion stylist, and entrepreneur on how to style a dungaree. In the video below, you will see the different ways to style a dungaree. I always thought you are only allowed to wear a T-Shirt with a dungaree, but Loren showed me how to style it with a shirt, jacket, polo neck, and bodysuit. Watch the video here on how to style a dungaree here: I’ve done a wardrobe consultation with Loren last year, which completely changed my energy towards my

The FitKey APP

FitKey APP

Hello, lovelies! I work from home (as a freelancer), which translates into me sitting in front of my laptop for hours. Although I walk around my home, run around in the garden and play soccer with my nephews, I know that I am not getting enough movement into my body. I’ve attempted to sign up for a gym membership in the past, but the 6/12 month contract puts me off every time (I’m not ready for that kind of commitment). I do a workout at home, using DVDs and various

In a recent conversation, an insensitive person told me the four dreaded words: Megan, you’re getting fat! As I clenched my lips, wondering how to respond, cursing the fuck out of this person in my head, I wondered why certain individuals felt the need to comment on another person’s weight? I live in my body, I’m fully aware of my weight, so I don’t need a body shamer/troll reminding me of my weight gain. It took every ounce, every bit of self-control not to respond rudely. But as walked away from a

Over the last 2 weeks, you may have seen a bright pink NutriBullet across my social media feeds. It’s true, I’ve become obsessed with this nifty little machine. The compact and powerful NutriBullet 600 series allows me to create the most delicious, healthy and nutritious smoothies in minutes (cleaning time included). Not only does the NutriBullet 600 series allow me to make nutritious smoothies, but I’ve also learnt to change my morning routine into a much healthier one. Instead of skipping breakfast and living off strong black coffee until my

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Bosjes Chapel

A day at Bosjes Farm

How to style a dungaree

How to style a dungaree

FitKey APP

The FitKey APP

You're getting fat

You’re getting fat

Pink NutriBullet 600 series

Pink NutriBullet 600 Series

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