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Run your own race

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt It almost seems natural to compare ourselves to others. We find ourselves comparing careers, finances, body types, partners, children, etc. to others. I cannot emphasis how many times I’ve caught myself doing this. As a result, it made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. Be okay with your own journey. When tempted to compare ourselves to others, remember that we are all running our own race – ALONE. Therefore our paths in life will be different. Sometimes, that path brings

My next guest needs no introduction. You may recognise her from YO-TV, So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor SA, Masterchef SA and Vuzu (the list is endless). I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Sade, she is real, authentic and living her dream. She tells us about life in London and how to save for your holiday. What do you enjoy most about London? The diversity. The whole world is here.  You walk down the street and you hardly hear people speaking English and I love that. I’m in an English town

Hello lovelies! I am a huge fan of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil range (click here to see previous blog post). Throughout the year, it’s important to take care of your hair and Cassandra Taylor, the Development Manager from Hair Care Unilever gives us 8 tips for beautiful shine. 1. Oils and ageing hair Ageing hair lacks lipids, which results in dryness. Apply an oil treatment weekly to help replenish lipids. 2.Smart cleaning Focus on the application of shampoo onto the roots of your hair, which is the oiliest

Meet Brett Rogers

In 2016, I will be featuring more South Africans who are passionate about our country. In spite of everything that’s happening, we still have people who believe in this beautiful land. And those are the people I’d love to feature in this segment. I’d like you to meet Brett Rogers. He is the presenter of the Food, Booze and Tattoos show on SABC 3. Brett is also a producer, business owner and a model. What motivates you?  Beauty motivates me Friends motivate me Critics motivate me Adventure motivates me Creating motivates

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