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If anyone has been to a shopping mall in the last week, you will understand my need to share this article. I found this interesting article by Emily Holland which explains the reason we shop and how to avoid the pressure to spend especially in the holiday season. The holidays can be a challenge in terms of spending. We feel pressure to buy gifts for our loved ones while simultaneously being bombarded by advertisements encouraging us to treat ourselves. By gaining an understanding of why we open our wallets in

World Atlas of Food presents to you: from every continent on the globe (excluding Antarctica), the essence of tradition, food styles and flavours for 100 countries – all those elements that serve to make each country unique – has been extracted. In many cases neighbouring nations or a cluster of islands, as in the Pacific, share a multitude of dishes and yet, inevitably, a specific ingredient or a culinary twist lends each island its own individuality. I attended the World Atlas of Food book launch at OYO restaurant in the

Rose Gold Collection

Rose gold has been used for jewelry for many years. It’s pretty pink cast is created by adding copper to gold in a process called alloying — an alloy is a mixture composed of two or more elements, such as gold and copper. Lately everything gold colored, including brass, has been very popular in home decor, and rose gold is taking the gold rush one step further. Rose gold copper brings a warm glow to any living space reminiscent of a time when things were much simpler. Here are some

We might not like to admit it, but we live in a world where we are ruled by our Smartphones. It’s not such a bad thing either! Being connected on-the-go means we can schedule meetings with clients, download e-mails and update a Facebook status – all while queuing for a morning cappuccino. The nightmare begins when our battery’s warning light starts flashing before midday. TAKE CHARGE is a genuine leather handbag, clutch, purse, MacBook, and tablet cover collection crafted in Cape Town, designed to keep you fashionably connected to the

Dove sent me the Pure Care Dry Oil and Oxygen Moisture range to  review. The package consisted of shampoo; conditioner in each range and a treatment mask which I have been using for the last 4 weeks. For the first two weeks, I used the Pure Care Dry shampoo and conditioner range. The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is a luxurious range infused with African Macadamia oil. I have curly hair so I need products that hold my curl (so that it doesn’t become dry) and nourish it.  Of course,

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