The Entertainer 2018 launch took place 2 weeks ago at Cape Town Comedy Club. This is the one event in my social calendar that I never miss! After arriving with my sister at the launch, both of us noted that the energy at the launch was ecstatic! There were so many influences, bloggers and media at the launch. People were chilling outside enjoying local gin by Cape Town Gin with Fitch & Leedes. Inside was no different. I could tell everyone was excited to be there. Not only because we

There comes a point in every relationship where you start to question whether it’s time. And having a car is no different. At some point in your journey with your current car you’ll start to question whether it’s time to move on or hold on to your dearly beloved (and do we love our babies!). Today we will speaking about a unique car selling experience with Carzar. Carzar is an online platform that allows you to (safely) receive a free online quote for your second hand car without the hassle.

It’s a sunny Friday morning and we’re on our way to Benguela Cove in Hermanus. The drive there is short, it takes about 1.5 hours to arrive from Cape Town. When we arrive at the wine estate, the first thing I notice is the quiet and peaceful atmosphere which is exactly what I need today: a relaxing experience out of the busy city, enchanted by water, the vineyards and good food and wine. Today I will be speaking about my recent visit to Benguela Cove with the ladies from #TravelChatSA.

I’ve spoken to you guys about my morning routine before, but I never told you what happens after the meditating and dancing. Confusion, confusion and running around like a headless chicken trying to find something to wear. When it’s time to get dressed, I usually end up sitting on my bed, in a towel, starring at my wardrobe for least 15 minutes. Sadly, this was a regular occurrence. And then I’d convince myself that I need more clothing. Now ladies, I had a lot of clothing (I say this without

Say hello to falling in love; to that super cool feeling; to those happy moments. Say hello to the Lindt Hello Emoti tins. Share in the happiness and add a little something special to every occasion, whether it be a birthday, a picnic, a movie night or just because it’s Friday. Say hello to the all-new collectable LINDT HELLO EMOTI tins Available in 3 designs, these all-new collectable Lindt Hello Emoti tins are filled with 25 individually wrapped mini emotis made from the finest Lindt milk chocolate. Whether you’re kicking back

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