Can Money Buy Happiness?

In some popular movies and TV shows, you can often hear characters say that the one who said that money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. This is for sure a question worthy of debate since people from different backgrounds will answer differently.

However, the topic was so interesting that it became a project for the scientists who wanted to get proof of the connection between these two. It didn’t take them long to draw conclusions on the way money influences our everyday life, and whether or not more money always means more happiness.

The only thing to consider is what we should buy to become happier and how long that “bought” happiness can last.

The Wealthy

The discussion about money has been an ongoing one since its introduction to society. Many studies have analyzed the connection between money and happiness. One of the questions that are always present is whether the wealthy are always happy.

As you can guess, this is not always the case, even though we might think that fast cars and shiny jewellery equal happiness. However, most of the time, the wealthy are so concentrated on attaining wealth that they don’t make time to nourish the values that serve their emotional well-being.

Then there is the dark side of wealth and glory that can lead to using the money to buy something that only seems to bring joy when you look at it from afar. Here we are talking about alcohol and drugs that are commonly overused by the rich and famous and can have fatal consequences.

On the other hand, wealthy people who can separate the good from the bad can enhance their life experiences using the money they earn. They can do this because they have more freedom to live their lives and they can use the money to enrich their knowledge and experiences.

The best example of using money to “buy” happiness is travelling. The more people travel, the more they learn about the world. Also, visiting different places and enjoying their culture can positively affect our overall well-being.

Another example can be an investment in yourself. That includes taking part in some courses to improve your knowledge and skills or maybe trying out some sports activities that are highly satisfying but very expensive, like skiing, tennis, or golf.

Finally, the difference in the quality of everyday things like food and clothes can also make us feel great. Among other expensive stuff, these things can affect the way we perceive ourselves, as well as how healthy we are.

The Poor

Of course, money doesn’t have the same value for the people who don’t have enough of it to meet their basic needs. Imagine a family in which the parents cannot cover basic expenses and support their children and themselves.

From their point of view, having more money would certainly help overcome problems and live a more relaxed life. They would be more than grateful only to cover basic living expenses.

A study done by two Nobel prize-winning economists has proved that US citizens feel happier when they earn more money, but only up to a specific sum of $75,000. This is considered enough to enable them to buy everything they need and have a bit more to spend on themselves.

For anyone earning more than that, the benefits are greater since they can buy more expensive things. However, we need to note that emotional needs cannot be satisfied by material things.

Things Money Can’t Buy

It goes without saying that a relationship between money and happiness does exist. This has been scientifically proven in many studies, one of which was done at the Cornell University saying that experiences are something we can get with money and actually benefit from on an emotional level as well.

Even though material things are constantly being presented as something we must have in order to be happy, other factors also affect our life and make it worth living.

Common things that belong to this category are health, love, friends, or some inner characteristics such as integrity and honesty. One of the things that usually gets overlooked is most definitely time.

Time is something that cannot be bought — everyone on this planet has the same amount of it every day. The way you plan your day is directly connected with how much time you’ll have for the activities you like.

Those who are counting their last days on this planet have some advice for the new generations. The advice number one on their list is not to waste time on unnecessary things because time is the only thing you can never get back. Therefore, spend it with the people you love or do some things that make you happy; that way, you’ll create a life worth living.

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