Unique Car Selling Experience with CarZar

Unique Car Selling Experience with CarZar

There comes a point in every relationship where you start to question whether it’s time. And having a car is no different. At some point in your journey with your current car you’ll start to question whether it’s time to move on or hold on to your dearly beloved (and do we love our babies!). Today we will speaking about a unique car selling experience with Carzar.

Carzar is an online platform that allows you to (safely) receive a free online quote for your second hand car without the hassle. Apart from the easy, safe and reputable website, there are NO pushy salesmen telling you the resale value of your car. 

My last memories of purchasing a car conjors up far too many exhausting memories of dealing with my existing car and purchasing a new one. In many ways it felt like my life had to be put on hold whilst talking this very intensive process that required far too many (wo)man hours. And by the way, did I mention I did this during my maternity leave phase with a very young baby (as if life wasn’t complicated enough as it is). Anyway, I digress. Thankfully technology has changed so much of how we purchase these days and CarZar is a lovely case in point. Literally so much of the initial phase happens from the comfort of your laptop. You enter some details, they give you an estimate of what to expect in terms of car value. What I particularly liked is they give you two options, one option is an estimate of what you could receive ‘upfront’ for your car should you want to trade it in almost immediately and one option that takes a little longer (genuinely just add a few days) but chances are you could get a bit more for your car.  All of this is obviously dependent on a car inspection. Speaking of which, this once again happens online and its very customer centric. You select which location, date and time suites you. There is a live calendar for you to see hence no speaking to that receptionist who sounds like her coffee was not strong enough!

Overall I am impressed at the simplicity, customer centric and sleek approach to something that required far too much of us as consumers a few years ago. I gleefully bookmark CarZar as I stare at my 2010 baby wondering whether it’s that time in our relationship …

Happy trading!

This is a sponsored blog post. This article was written by Celeste Stewart for The Authentic Girl blog.

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