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Hello lovelies. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? A few months ago, I realized that the way we start our morning sets the tone and mood for the day. Ultimately we cannot control what the day has in store for us, but we can be deliberate in our actions and start the day on the right tone. So how do I start my day? I wake up, meditate, say 3 things I am grateful for, read and dance. By following these simple steps, I

Life lately

Life lately

Its 11:15am, I am sitting at my desk struggling to breathe. My heart is beating fast, my arms are lame, for the past 2 hours I cannot get myself to calm down. My tummy is spinning like a tumble dryer; it feels as if I am having an out of body experience. What’s happening to me? Am I having a heart-attack? I try to get myself to calm down; but cannot shake the feeling. I am dizzy, exhausted, nauseous and unsettled. Gasping for air, I walk into the bathroom, collapse


#CTConfidence with Abigail K

Last year, Abigail K launched the #CTConfidence campaign. I read every blog post and watched all the videos showing 10 bloggers (from Cape Town) bravely taking off their makeup, showing their natural faces. This year, Abigail asked me to part-take in the campaign, and my initial thought was … I really don’t know if I want to expose my vulnerabilities online. After some thought, I decided to dive in and take part in the #CTConfidence campaign. Being confident with my body is something I struggled since I was a teenager. My

Hello lovelies. This blog post has been laying in my draft folder for so long. You know, life and assignments happened. I wanted to explain the reason behind the re-branding of my blog and speak about 3 female bosses who inspire me. I re-branded my blog because I outgrew the previous look and feel. When I started my blog, I felt like I wanted to blog about every single thing. After blogging for 2 years, I’ve finally found 3 lifestyle subjects that I enjoy and that I’d like to focus on

Hello lovelies About 3 weeks ago, I was browsing through an account on Instagram, and came across #theimperfectboss campaign. I searched the hashtag and saw all these images of creative entrepreneurs (women) posting confessions of their insecurities online. I browsed, liked and commented on quite a few pictures, because I could not believe how courageous and brave these women were. Putting their confessions out there in a world that encourages this unrealistic notion of perfection and in a world that can be harsh and judgmental. These women are successful creatives whom I

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