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“There has never been a better moment than the present to protect the planet for future generations,” – Paul Polman, Global CEO of Unilever. Unilever bright Future launched in South Africa on 01 June 2015. It is a global campaign that demonstrates Unilever’s commitment to create a bright future for all. In South Africa, it aims to focus the public on the challenges facing the world today. In his call to government, business and NGOs, Unilever Global CEO Paul Polman emphasised the company’s commitment to sustainable business practice, saying, “We

When we think of empowering ourselves as women, most of us think of spiritual, physical, occupational, social and emotional empowerment. Have you ever thought about how you can empower yourself through owning your finances? Financial empowerment can be achieved by educating and engaging yourself around your money so that you can make good financial decisions. Today we speak to Linda, a financial coach from The Abundance by Design programme on the importance of having the right mindset, our relationship with money and how to attract abundance. We often focus on

Roxanne Botman

I met Roxanne Botman about 3 years ago, and was instantly aware of her authenticity. She carries herself with great dignity and is confident about who she is. This is a strong woman who speaks openly about her partner, Candice, and the challenges gay couples/individuals face in South Africa. I’ve also witnessed (from afar) Roxanne face adversities and how she handled them with such grace, maintaining a positive outlook on life and not allowing circumstances to make her bitter. Before you start reading my interview with her, I’d really like

Mind the Curves

There is nothing more powerful than a woman who loves herself, exudes confidence and promotes a positive body image. During various conversations with women over the years, I often find them complaining about their bodies and weight. What would happen, if we started accepting and loving our bodies?  How many businesses would go bankrupt if we embraced our body type and chose to celebrate it? I like to introduce you to Meg from Mind the Curves blog.  Mind the Curves is a fashion and lifestyle blog for ladies with curvy

“Here’s a secret I learned after four years of research and interviews: women professionally thriving in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East share one common trait. They are all UNDETERRED.” – Rania Anderson I had the privilege of attending a seminar by Rania Anderson, a women I admire and respect, at the UCT Graduate School of business. Rania Anderson grew up in the Middle East and travelled all over the developing world. From the early age of 11, she questioned why young girls in India were not

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