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In October last year, 6 new trendy shades from the Revlon Super Lustrous Street Chic Collection was introduced to the South African market. Everyone knows about my love affair with Revlon, it was the first makeup house I was introduced to. As a student, I had 2 part-time jobs, one of which was working as a makeup consultant at a well-known retail store. To date, it was my favourite job! I fell in-love with the brand, not only because of their products, but I’d see women and men transformed in minutes.

I’ve spoken to you guys about my morning routine before, but I never told you what happens after the meditating and dancing. Confusion, confusion and running around like a headless chicken trying to find something to wear. When it’s time to get dressed, I usually end up sitting on my bed, in a towel, starring at my wardrobe for least 15 minutes. Sadly, this was a regular occurrence. And then I’d convince myself that I need more clothing. Now ladies, I had a lot of clothing (I say this without

It’s no secret, I love online shopping! From browsing the latest collections to ordering gifts for my loved ones, I am always making use of the easy, convenient and safe digital platform to buy items online.  Jenam Online has been in the game for 10 years! The family run business started in 2007 and has grown to become South Africa’s prefered gifting and pampering brand. They offer affordable yet distinctive gifting solutions for all. Today, I will speaking to you about my top 5 items from Jenam Online, an online shop

Hello lovelies! Aren’t you happy Spring has finally arrived. Spring is my second favourite season of the year when we begin to experience the warmer weather. As a result, I ensure that all my trench coats are packed away and opt for lighter clothing. Speaking of, I recently visited Poetry Stores in Cavendish Sqaure and immediately fell inlove with the bold polka dot shirt dress. I love polka dots and shirt dresses! Shirt dresses are versatile and timeless, it can be dressed casually with a fedora hat for a market or brunch

Dare Makeup

Dare Makeup Eyeshadow Palette

Hello lovelies. Today I want to chat to you about a cruelty free brand that I recently discovered, Dare Makeup. A collection of natural makeup that offers you a range of products for any occasion. Providing you with all the essentials you need in your cosmetics bag, from lipgloss of all shades and long-lasting lipliner, to eyeshadow and gel effect nail polish, you can create the ultimate look, day or night. These products are not tested on animals, and are ethically packaged (the packaging materials are sourced from recycled materials and can

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You're getting fat

You’re getting fat

Pink NutriBullet 600 series

Pink NutriBullet 600 Series

Revlon Super Lustrous Street Chic Collection

Revlon Super Lustrous Street Chic Collection

LG Sapience Top Loader

LG Sapience Top Loader

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