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If I had found this video sooner, I would have saved so much money. Have you ever open your make-up bag and your blusher is in complete shambles? Or, it falls and breaks into pieces right before your eyes. Alexandras Girly Talk shows us how to fix broken make up powder. Whether its an eye-shadow, blusher, bronzer, or any face powder, Alexander shows us how to fix it quickly. In 5 simple steps, you will have your product back to normal again. All you need is: Your broken powder Rubbing

When it comes to shopping, I need no excuse to spoil myself with a little something-something. You guys know how crazy I am about online shopping. Recently, Spree had a sale and I needed a new midi skirt. These days, I find midi skirts suitable for my curvy body but most of them are black in colour. I am completely happy with this brown midi skirt from Spree and it was on sale. A midi skirt is one that falls down to a mid-calf length, and it either slightly pleated

Last week Tuesday, Poetry and Jackie Burger hosted a fashion workshop at La Petite Mort. In celebration of Women’s month, we were spoiled with a morning of food and fashion. The event was hosted at La Petite Mort, a beautifully clean and contemporary space in the CBD. The atmosphere of the Poetry celebrate women event was relaxed and comfortable, I immediately felt at home. It must have been the beautiful decor, vanilla scented candles and flowers. La Petite Mort is owned by André and Morné, who makes every effort to serve local,

The folks from Retail box was very kind to send me the #RBsecretbox filled with the Quick Grow shampoo and conditioner to review. This little box is filled with big surprises of premium professional hair and beauty care products. Secret Box contains a secret selection of premium products from leading beauty and hair care companies, the products will be deluxe travel sizes to full size products (if they add a sample it will not be added to the value of the box). #RBsecretbox will be for specific skin and hair types and colours, to ensure

Hello lovelies Hope you are well and keeping warm! I love visiting Dischem stores and browsing around in the beauty section. I’ve been looking for the L.A Girl HD concealer in every Dischem store, and finally found them in stock at the Dischem store in Tokai. After reading such great reviews on the L.A Girl HD concealer on Cara Fay’s blog, I managed to find the last one in my shade. I also needed make-up remover, a face mask and a primer. The best part about purchasing these items were, I only

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