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I love supporting local brands. By supporting local brands, we are supporting the local economy, entrepreneurs, personalized and better customer service, diverse and unique products, communities and the environment. I’ve teamed up with Love Milo, Seven Swans and Ilundi to bring you this local is lekker competition. But first, let me tell you more about the brands. Love Milo I discovered Love Milo homeware on Spree’s website about 2 years ago, I purchased their espresso cups and a cappuccino set from Spree. Instantly, I fell in love with the unique designs of the

You may be wondering, what on earth is Furoshiki fabric gift wrap? Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of wrapping and knotting items in a square piece of cloth. Originally used in the bath houses of Japan to keep clothing in separate bundles, later this folding technique was applied to transporting goods, wrapping food, and decorating presents. Typically made from cotton, silk, or a synthetic blend, furoshikis are making a come back, both in Japanese culture, and internationally. There are a myriad ways to tie and knot gifts, food, and beverages depending

Siba puts the focus on health Siba Mtongana spoke on the importance of healthy foods at the launch of the Westin’s ON19 restaurant’s refreshed menu. The celebrity chef, who is an ambassador for the hotel, was speaking on the latest international food trends. “Health is a huge consideration when it comes to food worldwide. That is why it’s important we make sure whatever we are advising or influencing people to eat, that we have health in mind,” said Siba. A new research paper published in the Lancet shows that South

KAMERS is excited to return to the historic Castle of Good Hope for its third autumn Cape Town event. We’re not into the perfectly made or the mass produced – it’s about high end true craft, slightly imperfect, timeless and originally designed… that special something that is only found at the show. For the next edition of  Kamers Autumn 2016 we are heading back to the historic Castle of Good Hope where our first Cape Town was introduced three years ago. Not only do we get to showcase the coolest things you’ve never seen,

What’s delicious for you? Hello lovelies! Last week I was approached by Knorr, they asked me to complete my flavour profile and share the results with you. My initial thoughts were, is this going to be a long survey with a ton of questions? Fortunately, the Knorr flavour profile is a quick and easy questionnaire with only 12 questions (Just a side note, the food pictures will make you drool). Each question is accompanied by 4 pictures, you choose the picture that best describes your answer. You may be thinking

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