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Hello lovelies! There are a few things that make my heart happy, family, friends, wine and good coffee. There’s something magical about walking into a coffee shop, smelling the freshly roasted beans, before indulging into that freshly brewed cup. My love for coffee is evident, I feel like something is missing if its 9am and I have not had my fix. Have you ever wondered how Cape Town’s coffee culture compares to the rest of the world? What makes people passionate about coffee or if there’s a future for instant

Hello lovelies! As a lover of dark chocolate, I am so excited to introduce the Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa. I love indulging in dark chocolate, almost every day, I have a block or two of the Lindt Excellence Dark 70% with my cup of black coffee. But I know that many people don’t like the taste of bitter dark chocolate. Fortunately the Lindt Master Chocolatiers created a milder and smoother dark chocolate – they’ve created Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa. Its  perfect for your taste buds’ first introduction into high cocoa

There is a saying that a meal without wine is called breakfast – however, this festive season, Slanghoek Cellar is challenging convention by encouraging consumers to indulge in a sweet start to the day by serving wines with brunch! About 2 weeks ago, I was invited for a festive brunch with Slanghoek wines at the Foxcroft restaurant in Constantia. We were treated to a 5 course meal, each paired with Slanghoek wines. Slanghoek wines This winery, is situated along the Breedekloof Wine Route, has a focused approach to winemaking which aims to provide wine

Hello lovelies! You guys know how much I love food and pizza is certainly no exception. Sometimes when I am on the run or have a busy day, I grab a Debonairs real deal pizza, its delicious, afforable, filling and ideal to have for lunch/dinner. I am very excited to tell you about the promotion Debonairs is running this coming Monday at all the restaurants in South Africa. If you love pizza, then this is especially for you. Monday, 28 November 2016, each Debonairs Pizza restaurant will give away 100 free

A few weeks ago, I was invited to have lunch at The Mess restaurant, a newly open bar and restaurant in Greenpoint. Hidden away in De Waterkant Village, this gem offers a diverse variety of cuisines and the menu emphasizes sharing plates of food. We have created a menu of dishes using the finest ingredients inspired by flavours from around the world. We love food, lots of different food, just like you and good food is meant to be shared. The owner and restaurateur Carlene de Gouveia was humble and welcoming. She

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