Creative Business Workshop

“Be amongst the few who dare to follow their dreams”

Creative Business Workshop

The moment I saw Nadia van der Mescht is hosting a workshop in Cape Town, I knew I had to attend. She is one of my favourite South African creative bloggers. She hosted a Creative Business Workshop. This woman’s entire ore radiates with creativity. She is a brilliant facilitator and is knowledgeable in her field .

Creative Business Workshop

The aim of the creative business workshop is to help business owners prosper. It targets all levels from beginners to intermediates. The workshop was held at Dear Me, which is an all day basserie, located in the CBD. It literally felt like I was in another place for 7 hours, I allowed myself to be a sponge and soak everything in. And of course, Nadia decorated the room beautifully.

Creative Business Workshop

Creative Business WorkshopThe fabulous goodie bag.

Creative Business Workshop

I learnt some great tips from Nadia, which I’ve implemented immediately after the workshop. Here are some of them.

  • Be consistent
  • When it comes to managing the different social media platforms, try not to focus on numbers, rather focus on creative content.
  • Set long and short term goals for your blog/business.
  • The art of social networking
  • Marketing your blog/business

Creative Business Workshop

Nadia is based in Durban, and all her upcoming workshops are listed on her website: She also offers one of one consulting, which can also be done via Skype if you are located in another city/country.

Do yourself a favour, attend one of her workshops or book a consultant with Nadia. You will not regret it.

Photocredits: Nicole Henriques Photography

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