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Food adventures with The Entertainer 2018

The Entertainer 2018 launch took place 2 weeks ago at Cape Town Comedy Club. This is the one event in my social calendar that I never miss! After arriving with my sister at the launch, both of us noted that the energy at the launch was ecstatic! There were so many influences, bloggers and media at the launch. People were chilling outside enjoying local gin by Cape Town Gin with Fitch & Leedes. Inside was no different. I could tell everyone was excited to be there. Not only because we received the coolest goodie bag, but we were all looking forward to an evening of laughter, great conversation, paired with good food and wine.

After dinner, a representative from The Entertainer Cape Town gave a short speech on the sales and performance from The Entertainer 2017/2018 app and welcomed the 3 comedy acts of the night: Mel Jones, Khanyiso Kenqa and Rob van Vuuren. All 3 acts were incredibly funny!

Today I’d like to discuss 5 reasons why every person needs to download The Entertainer 2018 APP.

1. Save that money hunny!

The Entertainer 2018 launch in Cape Town

I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like saving. The Entertainer app works an on buy-one-get-one-free basis. Let’s say you are dining out with your partner, you’ll only pay for one main meal. There are plenty of restaurants, beauty and hair salons, and wine estates (the list is endless) listed on the app. With The Entertainer 2018 app downloaded on your mobile device, you have 24/7 access to savings (as long as your mobile device is charged and you are connected to WIFI or have mobile data). And don’t worry; there aren’t any additional or hidden costs, you pay one annual fee and that’s it! The money saved from the APP can be used towards that holiday you’re always wanted or that dress you want so badly.

2. Explore or start a new hobby

The Entertainer 2018 launch in Cape Town

With so many activities listed on The Entertainer 2018 app, this is the time to start that new hobby and get active. I particularly enjoyed visiting Rush in Claremont, and jumping around for an hour. I felt like a kid again whilst working out – it was so much fun!

3. Drink and be merry

Entertainer 2018 Cheers APP

I’ve visited so many wine farms over the last few months, thanks to the Cheers app, which is linked to my Entertainer APP. What I appreciate most about The Entertainer app is the places I discovered or never thought I’d visit. You’ll find yourself  visiting more wine estates, with your friends and family. There are over 300 Buy One Get One Free offers on drinks. Basically, you can visit a wine estate or local bar daily (ha ha ha).

4. Become a socialite

Food adventures with The Entertainer 2018

With all these savings and buy-one-get-one-free deals, you can go out more often. Last night, my sister and I felt like going out for a drink and ended up driving to Groot Constantia. Like true bloggers, we walked around on the wine estate taking pictures then we decided to have dinner at Jonkers Huis (as it is listed on the APP). When the bill arrived, the waitron removed one main meal. The total amounted to R213, which we split. Each of us enjoyed 2 glasses of wine and a bowl of delicious pasta. Come January, we won’t be broke!

5. Travel

The Entertainer 2018 encourages you to travel more

Travel more – spend less! Entertainer 2018 getaways are perfect excuse to take more vacations and travel within Africa and worldwide. There are more than 500 Buy One Night Get One Free offers with hotels both locally and worldwide. You may want to quit your job and take the world by storm!

The Entertainer 2018 is currently running a special, pay R395 for the app and you’ll receive free Cheers and More Africa deals. View the promotion here.

Love and light,

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