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Hello lovelies. This blog post has been laying in my draft folder for so long. You know, life and assignments happened. I wanted to explain the reason behind the re-branding of my blog and speak about 3 female bosses who inspire me. I re-branded my blog because I outgrew the previous look and feel. When I started my blog, I felt like I wanted to blog about every single thing. After blogging for 2 years, I’ve finally found 3 lifestyle subjects that I enjoy and that I’d like to focus on going forward:

  • Fashion for curvy women
  • Food and wine
  • Beauty for women (like me) who prefer a natural look

My short blogging journey taught me what I enjoy most, the message I’d like to share and what resonates with me and my readers. This time around, I choose a minimalistic theme, that reflects my personality and is easy to navigate. I thought now would also be the perfect opportunity to give a special shout out to three powerful female bosses who continue to inspire me, Kotryna, Ashley and Melanie.

Female Bosses That Rock!

Kotryna Bass from Kotryna Bass Design

A huge thank you to Kotryna from kotrynabassdesign.com. Kotryna helped me transform my blog into what you see today. I wanted a simplistic look and feel for my blog and I finally found a theme that worked for me. I’ve worked with many web developers but none of them are like Kotryna. Even after she installed my theme, she still helped me with other WordPress requests. She’s been extremely patient with my 101 request. If you are a blogger, I would highly recommend her service. She also offers blog branding packs which are great for bloggers too.  You can find the themes for WordPress and Blogger here. And may I add, I really love the new look and feel of my blog. It’s simple, minimalistic and much easier to navigate. I especially love the Instagram feed at the bottom too.

Ashley Knight from the Ashley Knight company

Two weeks ago, I had a coaching session with Ashley Knight from the Ashley Knight company. Talk about a boss babe. Ashley and I spoke about my studies, blog and the business I would love to start. Before speaking to Ashley, I felt lost and confused as I have all these ideas but did not know about how to put it into perspective. After speaking to Ashley, I have a clear guideline on the way forward. I would highly recommend her coaching services, I think anyone can benefit from it. She also heads up the Hello Boss Creative group on Facebook. This is one of the best Facebook groups I’ve ever been part of. It is a collaborative online business mastermind community for female entrepreneurs from all over the world. These female bosses share very real experiences about having your own business. You can post any question on the group and you’ll find other females bosses who give their valuable input too.

Melanie Hawken from the Lionesses of Africa

I am constantly motivated by The Lionesses of Africa. Melanie Hawken heads up this group, she is passionate about the rise of African women entrepreneurship and its socio-economic impact on the continent. The Lionesses of Africa is  an online community of women entrepreneurs inspiring one another to reach greater heights and connecting with one another for accelerated success. Melanie also host workshops all over Africa, and I’ve been privileged to attend two of them in Cape Town. These workshops feature 3-4 successful female entrepreneurs who share their stories, their knowledge and experiences of running a business. It is a great workshop where you can engage with other entrepreneurs and network. After listening to the very real stories (which you don’t often hear), about running your own business, you can’t help but feel inspired and motivated. I am grateful for the wonderful entrepreneurs whom I have met through the Lionesses of Africa network.

Check out these female bosses online, they rock!

Love and light,


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6 Discussion to this post

  1. Cindy Quiala says:

    Thanks for this great post. Very inspirational!

  2. Tomesha says:

    I loved reading this! I have also been focusing more on my studies and less on my social media presence. It’s nice to hear someone talk about consistency as being more on being true to yourself, so you can bring your best self to the table.

  3. Joleene says:

    I never thought of listing the three women that inspire me. But after reading yours, it seems like something that needs to be done, especially to honor the women that have motivated me. ?

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