The FitKey APP

FitKey APP

Hello, lovelies! I work from home (as a freelancer), which translates into me sitting in front of my laptop for hours. Although I walk around my home, run around in the garden and play soccer with my nephews, I know that I am not getting enough movement into my body. I’ve attempted to sign up for a gym membership in the past, but the 6/12 month contract puts me off every time (I’m not ready for that kind of commitment). I do a workout at home, using DVDs and various exercise routines found on YouTube. But I also miss the feeling of working out in a group and having access to a proper workout studio. When FitKey contacted me asking if I wanted to use their FitKey 10 plan for a month, I immediately signed up! Today, we are speaking about the FitKey APP.

FitKey is about helping you find and manage the fitness life that makes you happy, through discovering new classes, studios, and fitness activities. With easy online and mobile booking, FitKey keeps your routine interesting.

The FitKey APP covers the following areas: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Stellenbosch and Somerset West. For a low monthly fee, they offer classes in yoga, circuit training, Pilates, CrossFit, boxing, dance and much more. There are different FitKey plans, starting from R295 to R995 per month. I was given the FitKey 10 plan, which cost R695 per month for 10 classes.

Why I love the FitKey APP

  • You can work out at a location that is most convenient for you.
  • There are so many studios to discover throughout South Africa. If you are travelling to Johannesburg for business or a holiday, you can still workout.
  • You experience different forms of exercise, at various studios throughout the country.
  • Its affordable and there are options for every budget plan.
  • The payment option is month-to-month, there are no 6/12 month contracts.

How to use the FitKey APP

  • Download the APP on your mobile device (sign up and register)
  • Scroll through the classes offered
  • Reserve a spot on the FitKey APP

That’s it! After you’ve reserved a spot, an email will pop into your account, confirming all the class details (name of the studio, date, time). The FitKey APP also synchronizes the data with your Google calendar. This comes in handy especially if you are booking a class in advance.

The lovely folks at FitKey have given you the chance to get R100 off your first signup. Use the code: megfitkeyfam when signing up for any FitKey plan to qualify for the discount!

What do you think of the FitKey APP? Have you used it before or is it something you’d like to try?

Love and light,


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