Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki gift wrapping

You may be wondering, what on earth is Furoshiki fabric gift wrap? Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of wrapping and knotting items in a square piece of cloth. Originally used in the bath houses of Japan to keep clothing in separate bundles, later this folding technique was applied to transporting goods, wrapping food, and decorating presents. Typically made from cotton, silk, or a synthetic blend, furoshikis are making a come back, both in Japanese culture, and internationally. There are a myriad ways to tie and knot gifts, food, and beverages depending on the size and shape of the item being wrapped.

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

Furoshiki fabric gift wrap

I recently met up with Claire, the owner of Furoshiki Dreaming, who explains that wrapping in fabric is a pleasure – no need for string, tape or a second pair of hands. Claire gave me the option of choosing a furoshiki design from her online store. I chose the Aerosol Blues design and have been using it ever since. I wrap my books and laptop in my furoshiki fabric gift wrap. The versality of the fabric allows you to wrap anything from bowls (as seen in the video below) to gifts. I love the fact that Furoshiki is eco-friendly, and readily reusable. This is great for the environment, because I am using less plastic and avoiding waste. Think about gifts that you received recently or over the festive season, how many times do you throw away the gift wrap because its not reusable. The furoshiki fabric gift wrap can be used for many purposes. When Claire illustrated how I should use the furoshiki fabric gift wrap, it looked daunting, but I went home and practiced . My furoshiki fabric gift wrapping has improved and its actually not that daunting at all. I love the different designs of the fabric. I even considered using the furoshiki fabric gift wrap as interior decor. Furoshiki Dreaming uses African print as the basis of their fabric wraps. Outrageously bold and incredibly varied, this 100% cotton print adds a distinctly African stamp to your gifting. The Furoshiki gift wrapping is available in size small, medium and large.

Follow the easy steps below and win 2 small furoshikis from Furoshiki Dreaming.

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Terms and Conditions 

The winner will be chosen randomly. The competition is open to all South Africans and will run from 2 August  2016 – 16 August 2016. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, 17 August 2016. The winner will be announced on social media and will be contacted via email on this stated date. The Authentic Girl reserves the right to disqualify a winner if he/she does not respond to the email within one week of winner selection and will randomly select a replacement winner from the competition entries. Once the winner is chosen, the decision is final.

Good luck!

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13 Discussion to this post

  1. Nicola says:

    My favourite Furoshiki Dreaming design is the Firecracker furoshiki.

  2. Lesley says:

    I love this concept and own a few of Claire’s furoshikis already, but obviously would love to add more to my growing collection. Love the pink Popstar one.
    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway!

  3. Ayesha says:

    Since following Furoshiki, im obsessed with this beautiful art, my favourites in the range are Flame grilled and Aerosal Blue

  4. Sarah-Leigh says:

    I love the dramatic florals furoshiki! <3

  5. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you for entering Sarah and good luck to you 🙂

  6. jade says:

    I subscribed to your blog and I tweeted.
    I like the Black & White print 🙂 – I wana wrap my BF’s new hair machine in in for his 30th bday 🙂

  7. Celeste says:


    My favourite is “It’s my party”. Love the bright orange colour in the print, so delightful

  8. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you everyone who entered the competition. The lucky name that was drawn is Sarah-Leigh.

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