Get Naked with StyleByLoren

Get Naked with StyleByLoren

Hello lovelies. When it comes to fashion, I am always keen to learn about my body type and what type of clothing/shoes/accessories works for me. Although I’d love to wear everything under the sun, I am aware that certain styles looks amazing on my curvy body type and others not. A few weeks ago, I saw one of my favourite South African stylist, Loren Langenhoven launch an event on her StyleByLoren Facebook page. Firstly, the name of the event captured my attention, Get Naked with StyleByLoren. Then the theme caught my eye: “Ken jy jou lyfie” (Translated: do you know your body?). I immediately contacted Loren and booked a ticket.

Get Naked with StyleByLoren

The “Get Naked with StyleByLoren” is an exclusive event for ladies not to be missed! Loren Lee Langenhoven, founder and creative genius of the StyleByLoren fashion brand has over the years grown to be a fashion entrepreneur who pushes boundaries and consistently strive to invest in and empower others through fashion. Her love for the trade started at a young age and over time she has managed to turn that passion into a fully functioning business. From humble beginnings in 2011, 2017 sees the vibrant entrepreneur hosting her very first exclusive consulting event aptly called “Get Naked with StyleByLoren”.

The idea to host an event has been something the young entrepreneur wished to initiate quite some time ago. And after really thinking about what exactly she would like to offer her event attendees, she decided to use her creativity and diversity to bring to life an event that would help women get to know and love their body types and in doing so the event theme will be “Ken Jy Jou Lyfie”. The primary objective of the event is to create body positivity awareness and educate women from various walks of life on how to dress their body type and feel confident and beautiful in whatever they adorn themselves in. The event will also create a platform for local designers to showcase their
labels, individuals to network, transfer ideas and promote positive, effective and creative collaborations within the industry with like-minded individuals.

I wanted to share the Get Naked with StyleByLoren event details because I know many women struggle with choosing the right clothing styles for their bodies. Sometimes, I too, battle and am not sure if the clothing is suitable for my body type. In between a million voicenotes, I’ve recently gotten to know more about Loren, she is uber talented and passionate about her career as a fashion entrepreneur. An authentic, empowered and really cool business woman living her dreams and wanting to sprinkle her magic everywhere!

Get Naked with StyleByLoren

Ultimately, Get Naked with StyleByLoren is going to be an afternoon of great fashion advice, networking opportunities, feel good laughs and fun for women of all shapes, ages and walks of life. The event is set to take place on 28 October 2017, at Scripture Union in Rondebosch. Expect to be blown away with valueable insight and knowledge about body positivity and getting to know your body type. For more information about this exclusive event and to purchase your ticket please follow StyleByLoren across social media platforms for regular updates or email

There’s only one thing left to be said, ken jy jou lyfie?

Love and light,


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