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Robin Sharma's Mastery Session on how to stay young

I met Aunty X, an 86-year-old lady (I will call her Aunty X) about 18 years ago. I was in high school at the time; she would walk past our house every day and speak to my Mom about gardening. Eventually, they became close friends as she started visiting our home regularly and our family grew to love her dearly.

Aunty X is unlike any 86-year-old I’ve ever known. Up to this day, she is active and living her best life. From Monday to Sunday, she travels daily using public transport to buy fish at the harbour; she helps family members with their kids/household chores and does it enthusiastically. Aunty X lives a simple life; she eats healthy, has a beautiful mind, and is knowledgeable on almost every topic. When I was a teenager, I went with her to work (Her daughter owns a bird park and she assisted them at the park with various tasks) during school holidays. We would travel together, using public transport to the bird park. I noticed how much energy she had, jumping from rock to rock as we walked up a rocky patch to the bird park. One day I asked her, aunty X, what’s your secret to longevity?  She replied and said, “Don’t stop moving, living and reading.”

When reading the article on “How to never grow old” by Robin Sharma, I thought of Aunty X and how she has applied the 4 strategies  (as mentioned below) in her life, making her ageless and happy.

The article written by Robin Sharma follows.

How to never grow old

Never let an “old person” move into your body and mindset. Age is just a label society puts on you. I’ve seen so many people saying “I’m 50 years old, I should think about retiring.”; or as some say: “I’m 60, I guess I should stop running or climbing mountains or skiing.”

It’s so easy to buy into the mental viruses of aging, and yet I’ve seen people who are supposedly older than their years, but they’re so incredibly young. They look, feel, talk, think and love like young people. Age is a real trap, and you really don’t want to allow yourself to get old. I’ve got some powerful tactics that hopefully you’re going to find them super valuable to help you never get old:


Science confirms that the human brain craves novelty. The old idea that the brain you have is the brain you’re stuck with for the rest of your life is just nonsense, a myth. Neuroplasticity confirms the brain is like a muscle. As you get older, if you expose your brain to novelty, it may be in the form crosswords, puzzles, new languages, new skills, new conversations or new travels, you actually start to grow your brain and your brain stays very agile. The first thing I’d recommend to you or offer to you with great love and respect is to start building novelty into your days.

That could mean reading every day or start having more great conversations. It could also mean taking a trip every quarter and injecting adventure into your life. It could be trying Vietnamese food if you usually eat Italian food. If you usually hang out with entrepreneurs try hanging out with yoga teachers. Inject novelty into your life as much as possible. It will keep you young, it will keep you energetic, and it will keep you on the top of your game.

Social Orbit

You become your conversations. If you hang with people who always complaint: “I’m in my middle-age, put me out to the pasture.” or “ I guess I shouldn’t be exercising anymore” or even “I used to have a fire in my belly to do great work when I was younger but now I’m going coast.” You’ll want to avoid those conversations because your social orbit affects your mindset and consequently your mindset affects your behavior. Ultimately our daily behavior is a reflection of our deepest beliefs. If you believe you’re old because of some label on your driver’s license, then your behavior will be that of an old person.

I’m encouraging you to hang around with young people. If you are at the top of your game, let’s say you’re the craft person of your field, and you’ve been at it for many years, I encourage you to find conferences every quarter where everyone in the room is 20 years old and has the got the fire in their belly, they’re innovating and they’re optimizing and breaking rules. Hang out with people who are doing things differently, do things in different ways. Really check in with your social orbit and make sure that’s fuelling your longevity.

 Life-long Learning

Learning is a game-changer when it comes to being ageless. You can get tired and old and feeble if you stop learning, but if every day you’re listening to audio books or new podcasts, or you’re having those new conversations and injecting new information within your mindset. You’re really on the path to agelessness.

 Be of Service

You will never grow old if you have a dominant purpose to get up every morning too. The German Socio-Economic Panel deconstructed the largest database on what makes people happy. They discovered that the happiest people on the planet, those with the most zest for life were people who had one thing in common; they all had a purpose for their life. It wasn’t that they had a lot of money, in fact, there’s a lot of research that says people with more money actually have more problems. I think the latest I heard was, I believe it was Sonja Lyubomirsky who said: “People who have a net worth of $6 million are only incrementally happier than blue collar workers.” Basically, you get to a certain level of money where more money doesn’t bring more happiness or more longevity.

What this database revealed was, the happiest people all had some meaning and some reason and some purpose in their days. If you want to stay young, and if you want to stay nimble and vibrant and fully alive, find some meaning to devote yourself to. Find what I call a compelling cause that’s larger than yourself to donate the rest of your years too. That could be, you know what, you’re a teacher, so it’s being the finest teacher in your field so you raise or influence the young generation to be leaders versus victims, or you could be a taxi driver, but your meaning is every day, every single person who gets into your cab you leave them better than you found them. You could be someone who sells something in a store but literally it’s all about serving them by delivering great value through the products that you’re selling so that you enrich your life.

My obsession is helping you to be a Leader Without Title. I want to help you play in rare-air in your work. I want to help you be exponentially happier, live a life that makes history and releases any form of mediocrity in your life. That’s why I travel as much as I do and work as hard as I do. That’s why I optimize everything I do because I want to serve, I want to give, I want to be an instrument that touches as many people as possible as long as I get to live, so I uplift other human beings. That’s what fires me up and allows me to get out of bed every single morning after all of these years of doing what I do. Please remember: Age is just a number on a driver’s license. Don’t let it infect your mindset and pollute your performance, you deserve so much better than that.

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