KMS California

KMS California

Hello lovelies! Can you believe its December already? I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. The holiday season has arrived and its time to let your hair down, and have some fun. Speaking of hair, I have to tell you guys about the KMS California products found in last months #RBsecretbox (number 29).


Founded in 2013, Retail Box is the online store for Style Bar hair salons in De Ville Centre Durbanville, CapeGate Mall, Palmyra Junction in Claremont, Stellenbosch Square, Pinehurst Mall, Tygervalley Mall and Constantia Village Courtyard. Retail Box is your ultimate destination for all things hair and beauty. About two years ago, they launched the #RBsecretbox. This little box is filled with big surprises of premium professional hair and beauty care products. Secret Box contains a secret selection of premium products from leading beauty and hair care companies, the products will be deluxe travel sizes to full size products. #RBsecretbox will be for specific skin and hair types and colours, to ensure the #RBsecretbox contains the best secret product selection perfect for your skin and hair type.

KMS California

When Retail Box asked me to take part in this campaign, I eagerly agreed even though I had no clue what would be sent to me. To my surprise, when I opened my box, I saw products for curly hair (obviously I did a happy dance). I received 3 full sized products and one deluxe sample size. The following KMS California hair products that was present in the box: 150ml Silk Sheen Styling Creme, Tame Frizz Taming Creme (sample size), 300ml Hairspray Maximum Hold Spray and 125ml Moist Repair Therapy Treatment.

KMS California


KMS California Silk Sheen styling creme

You can use this styling creme on wet or dry hair, before and after styling. It has a light hold that helps to shape and smooth your hair. The KMS California silk sheen styling creme works better on my hair when it is blow dried. If you are looking to maintain that smooth finish after you’ve styled your hair, then this is your go to product. It is formulated with added heat protection, and leaves your hair with a healthy shine. It has a light floral scent which lingers throughout the day. Unfortunately this product alone did not hold my curls when I left it to dry naturally, I needed to use it with the taming creme and the hair spray. My preference is to use one or two products (max). I have thick hair and perhaps this styling creme will work better on thin/medium hair density. The KMS California silk sheen styling creme retails for R240.00.

Silk Sheen KMS California

KMS California Tame Frizz Taming Creme

The taming creme has a light hold and helps to manage curls. I washed my hair and towel dried it, thereafter I applied the KMS California tame frizz taming creme. This product can hold my thick curls, has thermal protection and it is humidity resistant. Something I need for Summer in Cape Town! I was pleasantly surprised that a product with a light hold could hold my curls throughout the day. I don’t mind a bush of curls, as a matter of fact, I actually perfer the big bush of curls as long as my curls looks healthy and moisturised. There’s nothing worse than dry looking curls and I am happy to say that the taming creme helped to hold my curls. The only constructive criticism I have is that taming creme doesn’t leave your hair feeling soft and natural. In actual fact, as the day progressed, my hair began to feel hard. The KMS California tame frizz taming creme retails for R270.00.

Tame Frizz KMS California

KMS California Hairstay Maximum Hold Spray

The maximum hold spray is my favourite product! It helps to hold your natural or styled hair. You know how most hair sprays smell so badly that it feels like you going to choke? Well the KMS California hairstay maximum hold spray has a much lighter (and pleasant) scent. I sprayed the product about 30-35cms from my hair, it is humidity resistant and gives your hair a beautiful shine. It does not leave your hair feeling sticky or tacky. The hair spray contains a UV filter to protect your hair – BONUS! It retails for R270.00.

Hair Spray KMS California

KMS California Moist Repair Therapy Treatment

I believe that using shampoo and conditioner is not enough, you have to treat you hair at least twice a month. Once I’ve shampooed my hair, I apply the moist repair therapy treatment and leave it on for 5 minutes. The result – my hair maintains that healthy shine. KMS California moist repair therapy treatment will nourish and strengthen your hair as it penetrates deep into your hair, making it more vibrant and healthier from the inside! Of all the KMS California products, this treatment had the best floral scent. The therapy treatment has a thick texture and is easy to apply. You have to make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly after use. The treatment therapy retails for R240.00.

Moist Repair KMS California


I have reviewed the #RBsecretbox before and I love how affordable they are. KMS California #RBsecretbox retailed for R360 and is out of stock. Talk about value for money, no wonder they sell shortly after they are launched online. The value of the box is R750, that excludes the value of the KMS California tame frizz. I’ve ordered a few #RBsecretbox’s in the past. Its an exciting opportunity to discover new premium products that you wouldn’t necessarily buy in a salon or pharmacy. Each #RBsecretbox is priced accordingly and their price ranges from R190 – R399 (excluding delivery cost, orders over R500 include free delivery within South Africa). You can have them delivered to a few hair salons in Cape Town for free. It means you have to collect the box at the salon. Retail box also has a range of professional hair and beauty products online. When any #RBsecretbox launches, you have to be on the website, ready to order as it sells out very quickly. There have been many instances when I wanted a box and they were sold out within minutes. Whilst writing this blog post, I am using the Quick Grow shampoo and conditioner (view the blog post here) which was also sent to me by Retail Box.

#RetailBox KMS California

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