New menu from La Belle Bistro & Bakery

La Belle Bakery & Bistro menu

The much loved la Belle Bistro & Bakery, in Constantia and Camps Bay, have launched a new menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It focusses on healthy, contemporary, modern cuisine featuring fresh local and seasonal produce.

La Belle Bistro & Bakery is one of my absolute favourite spots to visit in the Southern suburbs. I’ve been visiting for years, going back regulary for the delicious cakes and savoury treats. Last week, my parents and I visited the Bistro for Sunday lunch. It was the perfect Winters day, the sun was out, no one felt like cooking, we craved good food.

It comes as no surprise that La Belle Bistro & Bakery is fully booked (luckily we made a reservation). Everyone enjoys the vibe! La Belle Bistro & Bakery is hidden in between The Alphen Hotel and Warwick Wealth in Constantia, the perfect spot to escape into a world of greenery, good food and wine. And speaking of, we were very excited to try the items from the new menu.

La Belle Bakery & Bistro menu

Food and Dessert at La Belle Bakery & Bistro

Let’s get down to business!

Compliments of the kitchen, a avariety of baked bread with heart shaped butter.

La Belle Bakery & Bistro bread

For mains, I ordered the crispy fried chicken burger with sweet potato fries and spicy aioli. I am not crazy over chicken burgers, I’ve had them before but nothing really tickled my fancy. As we were ordering our mains, the waitron walked past with the chicken burger which immediately caught my eye. Call it love at first sight, I needed to try that burger. The burger did not dissapoint and far exceeded my expectations. The chicken was fried amd marinated with buttermilk which tenderised it, making it tender and moist. It was seasonsed perfectly. That exterior of cripsyness with a hint of salt hit every spot! I enjoyed the celery slaw and cabbage, which added another element of crispyness. Can we have a moment for the sweet potato fries? I had to stop my mom from stealing my fries. Crispy on the outside, soft and tender on the inside, dipped into a portion of spicy aioli. Yum! To date, this was the best chicken burger and sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.

La Belle Bakery & Bistro chicken burger

La Belle Bakery & Bistro chicken burger and fries

La Belle Bakery & Bistro chicken fried burger

For dessert, I ordered the apple crumble with cranberries, spiced crumble and vanilla pod ice-cream. A beautiful balance of flavours! The sweetness of the apples, with the silknesses of the vanilla ice-cream worked really well. I also enjoyed the addition of cranberries, which immediately transported me to the festive season. This dessert will be perfect for the hot Summer days!

La Belle Bakery & Bistro apple crumble

I enjoy the ambiance at La Belle Bistro & Bakery, its relaxed and chilled. Very often I visit for breakfast during the week, or for coffee and cake over weekends. A few new additions have been added to the breakfast menu. You can start the day with Mushroom Tartines, Crushed Avocado Toast, Ricotta & Asparagus Omelets, Power Seed Bircher or the Amaranth & Almond Steel-Cut Oats. They also have a cocktail and cupcake promotion which runs on a Saturday afternoon (3pm-6pm). The lunch and dinner menus now feature appetizers and light bites such as Broccoli Slaw, Grilled Haloumi & Kale, Spinach, Feta & Hummus, Mains includes, Quinoa Crusted Fish & Chips and Pomegranate Glazed Salmon Trout. La Belle Bakery & Bistro trades from 7am to 11pm in the evenings.

La Belle Bistro & Bakery Constantia

After sitting and chatting for hours, we decided to have some coffee, my parents also opted for cake. My dad ordered a salted caramel tart and my mom opted for cheesecake. I tasted both desserts, they were amazing! The salted caramel tart was a definite winner. The saltiness and sweetiniess of the tart worked well together. The cheesecake was creamy, smooth and delicious! I’d highly recommend the food, cakes and desserts at La Belle Bakery & Bistro, they never disappoint.

La Belle Bakery & Bistro coffee

La Belle Bakery & Bistro salted caramel tart

La Belle Bakery & Bistro cake

La Belle Bakery & Bistro dessert

La Belle Bakery & Bistro

La Belle Bakery & Bistro has 2 branches, one in Constantia, the other in Camps Bay. Please see details below.

201 The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay | +27 (0)21 4371278 |

The Alphen Hotel, Alphen Drive, Constantia | +27 (0)21 7956336 |

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