Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa

Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa

Hello lovelies! As a lover of dark chocolate, I am so excited to introduce the Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa. I love indulging in dark chocolate, almost every day, I have a block or two of the Lindt Excellence Dark 70% with my cup of black coffee. But I know that many people don’t like the taste of bitter dark chocolate. Fortunately the Lindt Master Chocolatiers created a milder and smoother dark chocolate – they’ve created Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa. Its  perfect for your taste buds’ first introduction into high cocoa chocolates.

Lindt Excellence Mild 70% has an altogether different taste experience, whilst still maintaining the rich cocoa characteristics that have made its more intense counterpart, the Excellence 70%, a firm favourite across the globe. With a slightly lighter colour, the aroma of rounded and intricate cocoa flavours are complemented by the delectable, luxurious scent of vanilla.

Lindt Excellence Mild 70% Cocoa

The Mild 70% is created using a meticulous blend of the finest cocoa beans. The beans, along with the long conching, ensures the chocolate delivers a velvety and smooth texture, whilst releasing a mild bouquet of flavours with notes of cream, stone fruit and honey that is less intense than its 70% Cocoa counterpart.

This new Excellence flavour is the perfect alternative for those who would like to enter the dark chocolate market. Discover Excellence Mild 70% today and experience the lighter side of dark chocolate appreciation. Now available at all major retailers for a recommended RSP of R39.95.

What is conching?

Conching is a long process of intense mixing, stirring and aerating of heated liquid chocolate to give it its silky smooth texture and eliminate unwanted acidity and bitterness in the chocolate. Once cocoa beans have been roasted, grinded and refined to develop the base chocolate mass, this material goes into the conching process for many hours and sometimes even days. In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented the famous conching process, which has revolutionized the chocolate industry.

Where are the cocoa beans from?

The heart of Lindt chocolate is the finest cocoa. Knowing which of the many different origins of cocoa beans will best contribute to the distinctive Lindt taste is a skill that the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have perfected over time. They select the highest quality beans from the most renowned cocoa origins around the world: Ghana, Latin America and the Caribbean Islands (mainly Ecuador), Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. To develop the distinctive Lindt taste, Lindt chocolate also contains a high amount of cocoa flavour beans such as Criollo or Trinitario.

Once selected the Lindt Master Chocolatiers work with the local partners assuring that the farmers in the origin country properly ferment and dry the beans. This is essential to let the fine flavour develop to its full potential during the roasting process. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers blend the various beans from different origins to ensure they achieve the distinctive flavour profile specific for their chocolate creations.


Win a LINDT EXCELLENCE hamper to the value of R400. The hamper consists of 10 x LINDT EXCELLENCE slabs in assorted flavours.

How to enter:

1. Follow me on Instagram here.

2. Leave a comment below telling me why you love Lindt chocolate.

3. Include your Instagram handle in the comments section below.

Terms and Conditions

The winner will be chosen randomly. The competition is open to all South Africans and will run from 14 June – 28 June 2017.  The winner will be announced on Thursday, 29 June 2017. The winner will be announced on social media and will be contacted via email on this stated date. The Authentic Girl reserves the right to disqualify a winner if he/she does not respond to the email within one week of winner selection and will randomly select a replacement winner from the competition entries. Once the winner is chosen, the decision is final.

Good luck!

Love and light,


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72 Discussion to this post

  1. Alicia says:

    Hi Megan,
    I simply love dark chocolate… Not only delicious but also healthier 😉

    Lindt is my absolute favourite of all!
    Thank you for a fantastic page.
    [Goose. 101]

  2. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:


  3. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    I love Lindt because their chocolate is quality and taste at the very best!

  4. Roxanne says:

    I’m in love with a vegan, and it’s the only chocolate they would eat. And sharing chocolate is truly one of life’s pleasures, especially when the chocolate is dark.


  5. tammeron says:

    I don’t love chocolate I LIVE for it.
    It’s a girl’s best friend & makes the most terrible of days – the best day .
    It doesn’t ask questions it just comforts you & provides the best flavour . Honestly what tastes better than chocolate? Nothing ?❤️.
    I love the quality of Lindt and the fact that its so rich & that one block of Lindt is enough to fill your deepest cravings.

  6. Lauren says:

    There’s no point in a chocolate cheat, if you are not cheating with Lindt ❤❤❤


  7. Because I have a major sweet tooth and it’s the smoothest and best quality chocolate you can find! Yum. @theboldesttype @cvhbow

  8. Cate Turner says:

    Lindt has pretty much ruined all other chocolate for me.
    I love the variety they present and the simultaneous subtlety and intensity of flavour and texture.

  9. Toni Stohen says:

    Their chocolate is the real deal.. none of the usual additives – so it’s not overly sweet, has no weird aftertaste and there are so many amazing flavours to choose from. Best of all is the option for delicious ‘after dinner’ treat – the 70%!! It’s my secret nibble. My Instagram : Toni Stohen and twitter : juschatsgain

  10. Sam says:

    Chocolate is a girls best friend….tell her it’s healthy! Toss the salad we have a new bff ladies ☺ @samferns1


  12. Lynn Botha says:

    Honestly.. I haven’t found another chocolate that totally melts away in your mouth.. that tastes soooo good, but you can’t eat too much of it all in one go as its extremely rich.. It just tastes MOURISH … yum

  13. Flow Phayane says:

    hun, the only way to indulge without much guilt is eating dark chocolate! Lidnt’s smoother version is obviously the better version…to dzzie for! I didnt know about conching, thanks for that <3

  14. Diana lewis says:

    Up until the beginning of the year I had given up chocolate for about 4 years for a personal reasons and just felt it got in the way of my better eating habits.
    Then I stated to eat lchf and they included the occasional dark chocolate and that’s when it all began!
    So if I do eat chocolate it’s got to be Lindt!
    Although I only eat the 70% and up my husband enjoys all the other flavors with a good flat white coffee!

  15. Losh Don Kisten says:

    I love Lindt choc’s as they are OH so delish – always leave in taste haven with that decandent , luxurious taste that feels like a carnival in my mouth – That yumminess just explodes and Im taken on a magical journey of happiness – that feel good feeling that Lindt produces – following on Instagram @loshdon

  16. Meg says:

    Nothing compares to Lindt in the chocolate game unparalleled quality and deliciousness. A real treat indeed!

    Also, obviously I already follow you on the Instaplace, and know you follow me too @mindthecurvesza.

  17. Jade says:

    Whenever I want to indulge, Lindt is my absolute favourite!As I love both the milk chocolate and dark chocolate variants and can’t always choose, the mild range would be the perfect choice.

  18. René Fritz says:

    I am gluten intolerant and also on a journey of losing weight. Lindt dark chocolate is a healthier option that my stomach can tolerate. So I’m still able to have my chocolate and eat it too ?
    My insta handle is SaveMyPlanet9

  19. Why LiNDT? Because first never follow!!. It’s the ultimate in taste and just rolls smoothly off your tongue. I love all the variants because Lindt chocolate never disappoints
    @ terrijvr

  20. Leanie Foot says:

    I love Lindt chocolate, since it so much smoother than ordinary chocolate and their taste are one of a kind. I like the fact that they also have chocolate that are safe for diabetics – the dark chocolate, since ordinary chocolate are too sweet. My IG handle are @leahbeautyza

  21. Tania says:

    I love dark chocolate and Lindt offers the best . Live the smooth texture Lindt chocolate as well as variety and interesting combinations such as orange, mint and chilli.

  22. Tasneem Katsen says:

    Absolutely love the fine distinct flavour of lindt! Every bite melts in your mouth.Superior Quality Swiss chocolate ?Instagram handle: tkatsen

  23. Louise Ganger says:

    Lindt is so smooth! Love the taste!! I have high blood pressure and Lindt dark chocolateis the best option for me.

  24. Shareefah says:

    I love Lindt not only for the different amount of dark cocoa options they give in chocolate but also for the variety of flavours they have! It’s really amazing to get to satisfy the cravings with such a wonderful taste (esp during thai pregnancy) ❤️.. Consider Lindt healthy chocolate!!! @shareefah_e

  25. Hi ! @TheAuthenticGirl,
    Well, I hold chocolate very close to my heart! You simply cannot say “Lindt Master Chocolatiers” without saying it in that famous French accent. Lindt has always been my personal favorite with all their various ranges of chocolates. I love the way it instantly has the “melt in your mouth” feeling as soon I slip myself a piece. My family and friends know how much I love Lindt, which is why I am always keen for the neatly wrapped Lindt prezzies during birthdays and other celebrations. I love that they’ve widened their dark chocolate range since dark chocolate IS healthier. So basically I Love Lindt because not only do they aim to satisfy a true chocolate lovers sweet tooth but they also make their chocolate a healthy choice for us.
    Much Love,

  26. Dhanusha Dhoorgalu says:

    Lindt is the only dark chocolate I eat it’s the only one that tastes good to me. @miss_dhanusha

  27. Emma says:

    You totally just appealed to my sweet tooth!!!
    Lindt is my absolute FAV guilty pleasure [other than wine, of course]… and I got hooked on the lindt Balls, then discovered the dark slabs… I love the freshness of the Lime, but I’m also a huge fan of the caramel, and roasted sesame is the bomb too! actually… why you making me choose!!! lol

  28. Jenny says:

    I’m in hospital with a heart attack and all I can think of is lindy chocolate….jenny0702

  29. dina dos santos says:

    have such a sweet tooth would be an absolute treat…

  30. Nailah says:

    Why wouldn’t I love chocolate, it never talks back, never leaves the toilet seat up and never snores what more could I ask for lol


  31. Rabia Dalwai says:

    Because the quality of Lindt chocolate is superior to ALL other chocolates. Lindt is truly exceptional.

  32. Rabia Dalwai says:

    Because the quality of Lindt chocolate is superior to ALL other chocolates.
    Lindt is truly exceptional.
    Instagram handle: rabia_95

  33. I looooooove Lindt because it just makes the day go that much better. Starting off with a block to wake me up, a few as a pick me up and finally the perfect sweet treat before bed….mmmm…what’s not to love about Lindt hehe.
    Megan Daniels – @eatwithme_sa – Food and Lifestyle blogger

  34. Jackie Katzen says:

    I love Lindt – there are so many flavours to choose from, the Mint Intense is my fav at the moment. I love that they have a new MILD 70%. Yum


  35. Bongiwe Mavimbela says:

    Lindt chocolates are so delicious ? they taste exceptional, once you’ve tasted them you can never go back to any other ordinary chocolates. They are truly amazing and the type that can make you cheat on your diet. I love Lindt and I’m a proud chocolate addict thanks to the yummy tasting Lindt chocolates.

    Instagram handle: @Xhosacliqs

  36. Thank you to everyone who entered. The lucky winner of the Lindt hamper is Payal Ramlall (as stated on Facebook).
    Stay tuned loveliness, we have more competitions coming your way.
    Love and light,

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