An Italian Inspired Lunch at Zenzero

Lunch at Zenzero

One of Cape Town’s most popular beachside dining destinations recently underwent a complete refurbishment. The plush new interiors at Zenzero are as easy on the eye as the restaurant’s iconic views of Camps Bay beach. Recently, my friend Shannon and I met for lunch at Zenzero restaurant. Upon my entry, I received a warm welcome by a group of friendly staff, waiting eagerly to accompany me in. My friend Shannon was running late, which gave me time to sit, take in the beautiful views and ambience Zenzero has too offer.

As I sat down, I glazed outside; it was a perfect frame, the beach, the people, the food and wine!

Lunch at Zenzero Camps Bay

Image source: Zenzero Restaurant

I chose the table in the middle of the restaurant, which gave us the best of both worlds. We could admire Camps Bay beach, and enjoy the ambience inside the restaurant. After my friend Shannon arrived, I ordered a bottle of Chardonnay and immediately became lost in conversation (I had not seen her in weeks). After speaking for almost an hour, and enjoying the complimentary bread, we decided to order starters. I opted for Salmon Crudo with beetroot, citrus, fennel and lemon. This raw salmon dish was executed perfectly! It had fresh citrus flavours which cut through the salmon. The beetroot added a sweet element to the dish which worked very well against the citrus flavours. I enjoyed the freshness of the Salmon Crudo, it was the perfect start to our lunch date.

Zenzero Salmon

Zenzero starter

Shannon ordered the beef carpaccio. 

After a few glasses of wine, good conversation and breath-taking views, we ordered our mains. The pasta dish of choice (wait for it, it’s a mouthful) was Orecchiette Ragu, oxtail and parmigiana – reggiano. A rich and comforting bowl of pasta, served with succulent oxtail. This dish was rather rich (I feel like it would have worked better in Winter) but I still enjoyed it. I would imagine that the Orecchiette Ragu was slowed cooked in a rich tomato sauce for hours because the meat was tender! The sauce had a rich depth of flavour, which stood up to the oxtail and did not overpower the dish. I could only finish half the portion and opted to take the rest home.

Shannon ordered the coriander and mustard seed line fish. The smell of the fresh fish lingered in the restaurant, as the waitrons walked past. Shannon added, “I really enjoyed the fresh fish, this is the dish I’d like to have on a hot Summer’s day. It was fresh, delicious and light”.

Lunch at Zenzero

In true Italian style, both Shannon and I ordered tiramisu for dessert. This light, creamy and refreshing dessert was the perfect ending to our lunch date.

Lunch at Zenzero Dessert

The overall experience at Zenzero was good; I enjoyed the views and the service. The staff was attentive and looked after us from the time we entered the restaurant, until the time we left. Apart from the food, the best part of the restaurant was the charming view of Camps Bay beach. Both Shannon and I enjoyed the calm and relaxing ambience.

Megan Richards having lunch at Zenzero

Have you been to Zenzero in Camps Bay? What’s your favourite restaurant on Victoria Road?

Love and light,


Disclaimer: I was invited to review the restaurant by Spill Communications.

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  1. Loren says:

    This restaurant looks divine! I love that it is in Camps Bay. The food looks wow! Definitely adding to my list of new restaurants to try when I am in Cape Town next.


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