Meet Brett Rogers

In 2016, I will be featuring more South Africans who are passionate about our country. In spite of everything that’s happening, we still have people who believe in this beautiful land. And those are the people I’d love to feature in this segment.

I’d like you to meet Brett Rogers.

He is the presenter of the Food, Booze and Tattoos show on SABC 3. Brett is also a producer, business owner and a model.

Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers

What motivates you? 

Beauty motivates me

Friends motivate me

Critics motivate me

Adventure motivates me

Creating motivates me

Music motivates me

Art motivates me

Paying my rent motivates me

Food, Booze and Tattoos showcases creatives, artisans and people who are passionate about what they do. Tell us a little bit more about the show.

The show is a love letter to creative people in South Africa. We wanted to give these artisans the attention that they deserve in a way that hopefully echoes a similar ethos to their own.

(The show broadcast every Thursday on SABC 3 at 21h00).

Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers

What is the best restaurant you’re discovered?

The show actually is not focussed on the restaurant itself, but on the people within them, and there is no doubt that I adore all the humans that I chatted with. I will say however that I was hugely impressed with Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella. I really like the buffaloes!!

Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers

Your favourite bar?

My home town bar Hells Kitchen. I love those guys.

What did you enjoy most about the show?

I enjoyed the Nieu Bethesda, the people of SA and the youth.

The show is not about competition or being the best. I hate to sound hippie about it, but the energy that I wish to express is one of community and inclusiveness. The people are the ones who make this show what it is. Everyone I met whilst filming the show was special.

Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers Meet Brett Rogers

Photo credit: Food, Booze and Tattoos show

We are encouraged to travel and explore in our country. Have you discovered any hidden gems that you’d like to share with us?


Go to Nieu Bethesda, it has so much rich culture. Go to the amazing Owl House and revel in the emotions made tangible when looking at Helen Martins’ statues. Eat the home made food; drink the homemade beer at Two Goats Deli.

Look at the stars. Become friends with the locals.

Please be nice to them!

What makes you passionate about South Africa?

The people make me passionate about SA. I adore observing the youth; I love seeing their spirit and will to fight for what’s right. I know that if we can get through the next 10/12 years relatively unscathed, those kids who are studying now are going to change this country. They’ll make us a powerhouse that we can continue to be proud of.

What else can we expect from you in 2016?

I’m going to be hustling to make Season 2 of Food Booze and Tattoos a reality.  I want to bring out a few more items for HalfWolf and I want to help create and sell another TV show that I’m busy with…

Watch ALL these spaces

You can follow Brett on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Until next time folks.



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  1. Brent Joel says:

    I love South Africa and have a special historical bond to it. My ancestors fought in the Boer War alongside the British and as a reward were given land on the island of Trinidad where I was born. I went to Johannesburg in 2012 and although I saw other parts of South Africa, I never saw the vision portrayed in your show.
    I now have a new appreciation for Joburg and her people. Thanks for this show and I follow you on Facebook as well.

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