MetroPlus vs Metro

Apart from the price difference, what are the behavioral traits between MetroPlus and Metro passengers?

MetroPlus vs Metro

I’ve always had a keen interest in the different behaviors between the two MetroRail carriages. Last month I decided to purchase a Metro monthly ticket and see what really happens in the Metro carriages. Here is my little research project on the MetroPlus vs Metro carriages.


To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed travelling in the Metro carriage. People are friendlier, more willing to engage or even start a conversation.

  • Rates are cheaper.
  • Passengers enjoy playing music loud, even at 6:30 in the morning.
  • Passengers are hanging out of the trains because there is no space.
  • Passengers are always telling such interesting stories and people speak openly to others.
  • Passengers are more willing to make space or offer you a seat.
  • Preaching on almost every train (preachers also aren’t afraid to speak badly of other religions in their presence)
  • There are so many posters promoting tradition practices and also promises of “bringing back old lovers, making your genitals grow, winning money and resolving conflict in marriages and families”.
  • The passengers in Metro carriages panic easily before the train doors open they already start screaming and pushing. This was one of the most challenging parts of my journey. I found it extremely frightening when they started pushing, sometimes you board the train and your feet does not touch the ground.
  • The carriages are dirty. After eating passengers throw the packets or whatever is left of their food on the ground. If its raining, passengers get annoyed when you open the windows. They do not like you to open windows when it’s cold. Which increases the temperature in the carriage and makes it extremely hot and sometimes smelly.
  • The seats are hard and it tends to hurt your back.
  • They sell unhealthy snacks.
  • You find all kinds of entertainment, singing and traditional dancing. I cannot emphasis the number of characters on the train and the stories they tell. You will find yourself laughing all the way on your journey!


The passengers on the MetroPlus carriage are more conservative. You are more likely to get a seat and the seats are much more comfortable. Most of the passengers are watching movies on their devices or reading.

  • Some passengers are working and/or making business calls.
  • Raters are higher and people do not push. In fact, they tell you that they need to get in or out the carriage and people make way.
  • People are using mobile phones rather than speaking to each other.
  • It’s so quiet and there are no preachers in the MetroPlus carriage.
  • Carriages are cleaner.

There are passengers that are speaking to each other but they are mostly complaining about work. And man, do they complain!

These are some of the observations that I found between the two carriages. I really hope MetroRail takes away the two carriages and converts it into one carriage. I think it is unfair that the Metro passengers are being squashed and there are so many seats available in the MetroPlus carriage. No wonder they are panicking and pushing because there is no space for them.



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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Anonymous says:

    The getting into a train without your feet touching the ground made me LOVL as well as “No wonder they are panicking and pushing, because there is no space for them”

  2. Johno says:

    A Good Read – Thanks!
    Started taking the train recently leaving town once and this morning travelling in for the first time.
    Took the Metro train this morning whilst the leaving town earlier last week took the Plus I agree with your observations.

    Fun Fact – (Maybe this can be verified) Trains starting with 3 on the Northern line are Metro & 2 are plus.

    Love skipping traffic and the mileage & fuel saving is itself a plus!

    • Thank you for the feedback Johno!

      Oh wow, I didn’t know about the numbers on the Northern trains lines (thank you for the fun fact!).

      Yes, you definitely save on mileage and fuel. I just wish the trains were more reliable, these days its always late/delayed.

  3. Mienke says:

    Thanks Megan. I provided my Transport Economics university students with your link.

  4. Lari says:

    Thank you. This is useful information to have, even 2 years down the line, having just moved here and knowing nothing about the city 🙂

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