Midi skirt from Spree

When it comes to shopping, I need no excuse to spoil myself with a little something-something. You guys know how crazy I am about online shopping. Recently, Spree had a sale and I needed a new midi skirt. These days, I find midi skirts suitable for my curvy body but most of them are black in colour. I am completely happy with this brown midi skirt from Spree and it was on sale.

A midi skirt is one that falls down to a mid-calf length, and it either slightly pleated or flared. I purchased this brown C(inch) midi skirt from Spree, which was on sale for R224. C(inch) is an exclusive SA brand found on Spree’s website. This midi skirt is quite versatile as it can be worn throughout the year. I prefer creating a casual look, but of course, you can pair it with a pair of heels and the right accessories to transform it from day to night. You can create so many different looks with this skirt, one for the office, a casual look, or for a night out.

I prefer purchasing items from Spree that are versatile and can be worn with the other items in my closet. Previously, I used to purchased random things that didn’t match any items in my closet and I’d have to give it away as it was impractical. I created this boho look with my Nike sneakers (purchased online too) and vintage hat from Vintage Lover. I chose the black and white top as it adds another dimension to the midi skirt. This is a ” dungaree ” skirt but you can tuck the braces inside the skirt. I love how feminine midi skirts make me feel.

Midi skirt from Spree

Midi skirt from Spree


Midi skirt from Spree

Midi skirt from Spree

Midi skirt from Spree

Midi skirt from Spree

Midi skirt from Spree

Unfortunately, this skirt is sold out now but you can find similar midi skirts from Spree here and here.

Photo credits: Stephanie

What do you think about the skirt? Do you enjoy online shopping as well?

Love and light,


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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    Love this skirt especially the dungaree straps.
    Yes, I love online shopping… sometimes too much.

    I love the clean sleek website design.

  2. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you my Lalannie! Always value your feedback <3

  3. I totally LOVE midi skirts – can’t get enough of them in the summer. They look effortlessly chic. And the hem stays in one piece and doesn’t get dirty or need repairing at the end of the day like a maxi skirt would, which is my ultimate pet peeve! ?

  4. megan says:

    I love midi – skirts Caroline, they are my absolute favourite throughout the year.

  5. Laskmyoga says:

    Super cute, I love the style! ?

  6. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you Laskmyoga!

  7. Amber says:

    That’s such a cute skirt, I love how you’ve styled it! I have a similar one but this one is much nicer, the colour is great and the straps are adorable.

  8. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you so much Amber, its one of my favourite skirts.

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