My favourite products for natural hair

My favourite products for natural hair

Nothing makes me feel better than when my curls are nourished, moisturised and healthy looking. There is a misconception that natural hair requires less work, that’s the furthest thing from the truth. Natural hair requires a lot of nourishment, care and moisture. I’ve spoken about my natural hair journey here, now I’d like to share some of my favourite products.

Here is a list of my favourite products for natural hair.

  1. Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Purify Me Moisturizing Co-Wash Cleanser

My favourite products for natural hair Co-Wash Cleanser

Oh, Mama – this product is amazing! It gives your hair a deep cleanse and gets rid of product build up. The co-wash cleanser contains coconut and apple cider vinegar which helps to restore moisture and softness. I especially love that it helps with detangling my curls, making it easier to manage.

RSP: R89.99

  1. Olive Oil Formula Deep Conditioner

My favourite products for natural hair Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

If you’re looking for a super creamy intensive formula, the deep conditioner is your best bet. It is of vital importance that my curls are moisturized and healthy, the conditioner from Olive Oil Formula leaves my hair strong and shiny. When I started the natural journey, my hair was damaged from heat styling but I do believe this conditioner helped to improve the overall texture. It is only available in a 60g sachet (you get approximately 4 uses from it).

RSP: R29.99 for a 60 g sachet

  1. Loreal Elvive Curl Nourishment Masque

My favourite products for natural hair Loreal MasqueA rich buttery texture leaving your natural hair with so much shine babe! This masque is formulated to restore softness and increase elasticity without weighing your hair down (who likes flat hair anyway?). I’m not the biggest fan of pungent scents, therefore I was very happy to discover the soft musky scent. This masque NEVER leaves my shower (unless I’m travelling or using the bathroom). I use it at least once a week for intense shine and moisture.

RSP: R94.95

  1. Aunt Jackie’s Defining Curl Custard

My favourite products for natural hair Curling Custard

Aunt Jackie’s curl custard was one of the first products I used and it’s still one my ultimate favourites. It helps to create and define your curls, waves, and coils and keeps them locked without any frizz. If you’re just starting your natural hair journey, this product comes highly recommended. Almost 4 years ago when I started using the curl custard, my curl was a combination of straight, wavy and curly. After applying the curl custard, I’d immediately noticed the definition in my curls.

As crazy as this sounds but I’ve had strangers smell and compliment my hair. Not weird at all, right? If you rock the natural hairdo, you will have to re-apply products daily. This curl custard does not cause any build-up or flakiness and certainly does not make your hair greasy.

RSP: R69.99

  1. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

My favourite products for natural hair Cantu Curling CreamI received a sample of the Cantu curling cream at the Clicks Curls event and was hooked after the first try. Not only is the scent a coconut lover’s dream, but the high-quality product seals your curl and keeps it moisturised for days without reapplying any product. The price of the product is slightly higher than the rest but absolutely worth the investment.

RSP: R199.99

  1. My Natural Hair Strengthening Oil

My favourite products for natural hair Strengthening Oil

So here’s a little secret, after washing my hair at night, I don’t always apply curling cream or leave-in-conditioner, I only use the strengthening oil from My Natural Hair. This oil helps to strengthen the hair follicle, adds shine, reduces frizz and softens your hair. Sometimes I use it as a hot oil treatment (if I’m ever out of conditioner) as well.

RSP: R99.99

All these products are available at Clicks stores or via their online store. Which natural hair products are your favourite? Share them in the comment section below.

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