My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey

I can’t remember the day I decided to start my natural hair journey. It occurred close to the end of 2014 in the blistering Summer heat. I was fed up. After getting out the shower and styling my hair in the heat I’d end up looking like sweaty Betty. I often wondered why I was doing something so unnatural to my hair. This process occurred every week, sometimes twice a week, styling my hair to be straight and dodging the rain or anything that would make it curly. It was exhausting and my hair was damaged by years of heat styling.

After two Brazilian hair treatments (one hairstylist relaxed my hair without my consent, she mixed it with the treatment). I decided enough was enough. I was going to embrace my natural hair. Of course, this decision did not come without fear or hesitation. I had NO clue how to handle my thick, curly, and dry natural hair. No clue! In the past when there was no time to style (blow-dry and flat iron) it, any hair conditioner would do. I’d wash my hair with a product promising sleek straight hair, everything my hair was not. Thereafter I’d smack on loads of conditioner and pray that the curls would not become dry. It became dry.

Why am I doing something so unnatural to my hair?

This question kept reoccurring in my thoughts. After discussing it with a close friend, she recommended that I visit the Clicks store and check out the aisle with the natural hair products. “Just check it out and see the variety of products they offer”, she said. Fortunately, we had a Clicks store right beneath our office building. After my first visit, I was overwhelmed with all the natural hair products which I never made an effort to look at before. They had something for every hair type and concern.

I started meeting up with bloggers, friends, or any loved ones who wore their hair naturally and asked questions on how to nourish and style it. Most importantly, I was curious to know why they stopped using excessive heat on their hair. Everyone had different reasons, and thereafter I decided it was time to dodge the shiny new copper blow dryer and flat iron. These conversations taught me four important things:

  1. Know your hair and curl type
  2. Be mindful of the products you use and ingredients found in them
  3. It takes time to find the right products for your hair
  4. Everyone has different reasons for embracing the natural hair movement and that’s completely okay

I started researching different hair types and found that I am a combination of type 3B and 3C (check out your hair type here). Visiting the natural hair aisle became a weekly occasion, trying to find products that worked for my hair. Believe it or not, not all products work. It takes time, patience, and lots of experimentation to find the right cocktail or concoction for your hair type.

My Natural Hair Journey

I can happily report that after going natural, my hair is so much healthier! This process took time but I have a healthy bush of curls that shine (and loads of volume). My hair doesn’t fall out the way it used to and the follicle is so much stronger (see a list of my favourite products for natural hair here).

Four times a year (at most) I blow dry my hair to do a proper length check. There are plenty of times when I miss having “straight” hair. Fortunately, those moments don’t last very long. My natural hair has brought me closer to who I am, and I have so much more fun now. The rain or any bad weather doesn’t ruin my curls and I never have to stress about maintaining my hairstyle. This is all me baby!




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