In a recent conversation, an insensitive person told me the four dreaded words: Megan, you’re getting fat! As I clenched my lips, wondering how to respond, cursing the fuck out of this person in my head, I wondered why certain individuals felt the need to comment on another person’s weight? I live in my body, I’m fully aware of my weight, so I don’t need a body shamer/troll reminding me of my weight gain. It took every ounce, every bit of self-control not to respond rudely. But as walked away from a

Over the last 2 weeks, you may have seen a bright pink NutriBullet across my social media feeds. It’s true, I’ve become obsessed with this nifty little machine. The compact and powerful NutriBullet 600 series allows me to create the most delicious, healthy and nutritious smoothies in minutes (cleaning time included). Not only does the NutriBullet 600 series allow me to make nutritious smoothies, but I’ve also learnt to change my morning routine into a much healthier one. Instead of skipping breakfast and living off strong black coffee until my

In October last year, 6 new trendy shades from the Revlon Super Lustrous Street Chic Collection was introduced to the South African market. Everyone knows about my love affair with Revlon, it was the first makeup house I was introduced to. As a student, I had 2 part-time jobs, one of which was working as a makeup consultant at a well-known retail store. To date, it was my favourite job! I fell in-love with the brand, not only because of their products, but I’d see women and men transformed in minutes.

Blogging does have its perks, especially when you are asked to choose one of the latest washing machines from the LG Sapience with Smart Inventer range. After careful thought and consideration, I chose the LG Sapience Top Loader (13kgs) in silver. Some of the key features of the LG Sapience Top Loader include: Better washing: you can eliminate tough stains by choosing a powerful or delicate wash (for those delicate fashion pieces) with tangle-free laundry. Nothing annoys me more than tangled laundry, which happened every time I did the laundry

The Entertainer 2018 launch took place 2 weeks ago at Cape Town Comedy Club. This is the one event in my social calendar that I never miss! After arriving with my sister at the launch, both of us noted that the energy at the launch was ecstatic! There were so many influences, bloggers and media at the launch. People were chilling outside enjoying local gin by Cape Town Gin with Fitch & Leedes. Inside was no different. I could tell everyone was excited to be there. Not only because we

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