Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu

Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu 2016 #shimmywintermenu

When I think of winter, hearty and comfort food immediately comes to mind. Last week I joined Zomato to review the Shimmy Beach Club Winter menu. We were spoilt with a 12-course luncheon, launching the winter menu 2016, surrounded with the most beautiful views of Cape Town.

Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu

Image credit: Shimmy Beach Club

Executive Chef, Adrian Cook says patrons can expect the usual Italian and Mediterranean influences that Shimmy is known for. “The new menu is full of slow food from Umbria and includes warm, rich and hearty, country-style comfort food; meals that take you back to home and your childhood.”

I particularly enjoyed the location and classy ambience of Shimmy Beach Club. It is the ideal venue for a romantic dinner with beach views, a ladies night out or an Ibiza-style party. Upon my arrival, the friendly staffs made me feel like family, they are welcoming and very attentive while we were dining.

Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu


  • slow braised Mutton Curry Roti, with mint raita, sambal oelek and a dried fruit and mixed pickle salad
  • baked Onion and Tomato Tart Tatin with soft goats cheese, blush and sundried tomato, rocket, scarlet salsa and a balsamic glaze
  • Venison and Leek Ragout in vol-au-vent on a pea puree, with a garden of spicy vegetables
  • pan seared Rainbow Trout, leek and mushroom parcel, on parmesan creamed spinach with poached eggs and truffle oil

The presentation of the starters was clean and beautiful. My two favourite starters were the rainbow trout and the mutton curry roti. That leek and mushroom parcel with the creaminess of the poached eggs and truffle oil, adds so much flavour to the perfectly seared rainbow trout. The bright colours of the trout and spinach made it a feast for my eyes. The mint raita, sambal oelek, dried fruit and mixed pickle salad balances the rich flavour of the mutton curry roti, a perfect combination of flavours.


Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu

  • Venison, wrapped in pancetta and potato rosti, with cubed beetroot, buttered spinach, celeriac puree and cranberry jelly
  • Seared Indonesian marinated Tuna Steak, on flash-fried vegetables with wasabi mash, corn guacamole, and a soy and mirin glaze
  • Lamb shank pot pie, with mash, cinnamon and honey roasted butternut
  • Cider-braised Pork Belly with apple puree, roasted beetroot, garlic buttered potato cubes and crackling

The Pork Belly was my firm favourite. The only words I can use to describe it are, “melt in your mouth” and “the perfectly executed dish.” The apple puree added the sweet component to the dish while the beetroot and potato cubes helped to balance the flavours. The crackling gives it the crispy element to the soft and tender pork belly. You have to try it. The tuna steak was downright delicious! I love a perfectly seared tuna steak that is rare and moist. I’ve never tried wasabi mash before but it added great depth of flavour to the dish with the guacamole and soy glaze.


Shimmy Beach Club Winter Menu

  • Guava cheesecake, macadamia nut crust & peanut butter ice cream with strawberries in a lime stock
  • Homemade granny smith Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream and Amarula crème anglaise
  • Vanilla Ice Cream, candied nuts, pistachio tuille and a salted caramel sauce
  • A Savoury Sunday, with maple bacon lardons, parmesan biscotti, toasted pecan nuts, salted caramel with white chocolate fudge and honey rosemary ice cream

The dessert options were nothing short of spectacular. My favourite dessert was the guava cheesecake. It reminded me of the guava pudding my granny made us in winter. This guava cheesecake is smooth, with a nutty crust, peanut butter ice cream (who doesn’t love peanut butter ice cream) and strawberries, the perfect balance of flavours. My mind was a bit perplexed by the savoury Sunday, but once I tasted everything in my mouth, it was downright delicious.

My recommendations:

Starter: Rainbow Trout

Mains: Pork Belly

Dessert: Guava Cheesecake

The Shimmy Beach Club winter menu (a la carte) will be available in the restaurant from the 4th May 2016 to the end of August 2016. Shimmy has a set menu for sushi, pizza and canapés. You can read more about Shimmy Beach Club here. 


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  1. ANANDI says:

    Likes this post great job made me so hungry.

  2. Prishantha says:

    This is absolute stunning, the cuisine sounds just my alley.Definitely going to pay this beach club a visit on my next holiday in CPT 🙂

    • The Authentic Girl says:

      Hello Prishantha

      Thank you for your comment, you HAVE to visit Shimmy’s when you visit Cape Town.

      Its such a stunning venue.

  3. Shelley says:

    I couldn’t possibly eat that…it’s too pretty! Great post 😀

  4. Haha I don’t think I’ve ever seen indian food look so elegant.
    Cooll post, eye catching visuals

  5. The Authentic Girl says:

    Enricoh that was hilarious! Thank you, but that mutton roti was delicious!!!!

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