#TravelChatSA Experience at Steenberg Wine Farm

Steenberg Wine Farm duck salad

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that almost every Wednesday between 7pm-8pm, I partake in the #TravelChatSA. Recently, Patrycja who heads up the #TravelChatSA invited me on a networking day at the Steenberg Wine Farm with a fabulous group of bloggers. After arriving fashionably late at Steenberg Wine farm, I joined the group of bloggers in the exclusive tasting room for cheese and wine pairing, followed by a cellar tour. The day was split into 3 sections: first we did the cheese and wine pairing, then we went on a cellar tour and learnt how to sabrage a bottle of bubbly. At the end of the day, we sat together and enjoyed a three course meal at Bistro Sixteen82.

Cheese and Wine pairing at Steenberg Wine Farm

The cheese and wine pairing at Steenberg Wine Farm was nothing short of AMAZING! I visit the farm regularly for wine tasting and lunch/dinner at Bistro Sixteen82 or Catherina’s, but this was my first cheese and wine pairing experience at Steenberg’s. We were seated in an exclusive room that overlooks Steenberg Wine farm, presented with 4 wine varietals paired with locally made cheese. My absolute favourite pairing was the medium-bodied Steenberg Syrah 2015 paired with gorgonzola cheese. The earthy and spicy flavours from the Syrah paired well with the intense flavour of the cheese. To date, this has been my most memorable cheese and wine experience.

Steennberg Wine Wine Cheese Pairing

Steenberg 1682 Chardonnay MCC Brut with Dalewood Brie

Steenberg Black Swan Saugvignon Blanc 2016 with Hebron

Steenberg Sphynx Chardonnay 2017 paired with Boland

Steenberg Syrah 2015 paired with Gorgonzola

After indulging in cheese, bread and wine, we were off to a cellar tour at the Steenberg Wine Farm and learnt how to sabrage a bottle of bubbly. See the short video below:

Lunch at the Bistro Sixteen82

Named after the year in which Steenberg was established, Bistro Sixteen82 first opened its doors in 2009, and has been the tapas and bistro-style darling of the dining world ever since. Executive Chef, Kerry Kilpin, loves to create food which is seasonal, flavourful and bursts with freshness. “My greatest inspirations are derived from significant occasions in my life. On my travels to Thailand I developed a love and passion for Asian food. From shopping at the local food markets to creating my first authentic Thai dish, I was in heaven. You will notice a common thread in what I do and who I am. Love. I cook with love and my food is love.”

Steenberg Wine Farm appetiser

Steenberg Wine Farm bread and olives


Home cured duck salad with sumac labneh, toasted pine nuts and raspberry vinaigrette.

Steenberg Wine Farm Bistro

Steenberg Wine Farm duck salad

The duck was tender and rich, balanced perfectly with the sumac lebneh and raspberry vinaigrette.


Roasted Pork Belly with celeriac mash, pecan nut & green bean salsa, maple jus.

Steenberg Wine Farm Pork Belly

Steenberg Wine Farm pork belly

Slow roasted to perfection, with a crispy salty outer layer and melting meat inside. I really enjoyed the maple jus, adding a beautiful sweet flavour to the dish. The pecan nut and green bean salsa added an element of balance and freshness to the perfectly executed dish.


For dessert, we enjoyed a variety of sweet treats.

What a wonderful day at the Steenberg Wine Farm! Have you been to the Steenberg Wine Farm? What’s your favourite Steenberg wine?

Love and light,



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