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Autumn and Winter, my two favourite seasons of the year. Personally, I think Cape Town is most beautiful during Autumn. The leaves begin to change colour – bright yellow, orange and red leaves are scattered throughout the city and countryside. And as the season begins to change, so does the fashion. We start wearing more layers of clothing, and pulling out those boots we stored away. Even though we are still experiencing scorching hot weather in Cape Town, I handpicked 5 affordable jackets for Autumn. These 5 affordable jackets for autumn are

When it comes to shopping, I need no excuse to spoil myself with a little something-something. You guys know how crazy I am about online shopping. Recently, Spree had a sale and I needed a new midi skirt. These days, I find midi skirts suitable for my curvy body but most of them are black in colour. I am completely happy with this brown midi skirt from Spree and it was on sale. A midi skirt is one that falls down to a mid-calf length, and it either slightly pleated


Hello lovelies! In case you haven’t seen or heard, The Fix is a new fashion brand within in The Foschini Group, replacing Fashion Express. I have to admit, I was not a huge Fashion Express fan but I do appreciate and LOVE The Fix. The rebranding and fashion is amazing. The Fix fashion is trendy and affordable. I love their 70’s inspired range and I picked up these 3 items from the store in Blue Route Mall (Cape Town). I chose this Fit and Flare dress retailing for R119.99 and

MEIKO the inspiration behind Blackeyed Susan’s AW2016 is a little sweet black and white cat recently adopted from the Lucky Lucy Foundation. This sweet little soul reminded her of the beauty that is right under our noses. Meiko roughly translates from Japanese as “bud”; a young flower just waiting to blossom into something beautiful. This inspiration echoes Blackeyed Susan ever present ethos; buy local, support the local fashion industry, look for the beauty and blossoming potential that is right here on our own soil! I am a huge fan of

Back when I was in high school, I was fortunate to travel throughout Europe with my family. During my travels there, I discovered H&M. My mom and I would visit the store almost every day (if we had a chance) and purchase gifts for our family members as well as clothing for ourselves. Ever since then, I became obsessed with the store, not only for the fashion but for the quality of the clothing. So you can imagine the excitement when H&M opened its first store in Cape Town. I

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