Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

A few weeks ago, my sister and I had the pleasure of dining at Makaron Restaurant in Stellenbosch. A quaint and charming private property, hidden in the residential area of Stellenbosch, with the most relaxing ambiance, coupled with a fine dining experience of note.

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

These days, I am gearing more towards a tasting menu (option) at restaurants. The portions are smaller, but it still permits for sharing and the enjoyment of more meals. The meals from the tasting menu are presented with an overall experience of the Chef’s inspiration, cooking style and culinary discoveries. The tasting menu at Makaron consists of 18 small plates created by Chef Lucas Carstens. The menu is split into four sections, namely, ‘Suggested Start’, ‘Followed up By’, ‘The Serious Choice’ and ‘To Finish’. Expect a haven of fine food and gorgeous design.

We were treated with a 6 course tasting menu, each paired with local wine (cost: R1100 pp).

Compliments of the kitchen, we received the following:

  • Majeka garden leaves & Rooibos, “mielie pap” croquette & sheba
  • Brioche, cheese & moskonfyt, sourdough & butter

Nothing like a fresh garden salad with mielie pap croquette to get the evening started! The dish instantly reminded me of home and our South African heritage. I actually need a moment for that sourdough bread! By far, this was best sourdough bread I’ve ever had! The texture of the bread was perfect, with a slight tartness, paired with moskonfyt and butter and I’m transported into food heaven.

  1. Charred cauliflower, cabbage, sweetcorn and parmesan.

What a delightful dish! The charred cauliflower elevates this dish into another level. I absolutely loved the sweetness of the corn with the charred flavour of the cauliflower and cabbage.

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant starter

  1. Heirloom tomato, white balsamic, house, ricotta and gazpacho granite.

Oh my tomato! This dish was the most memorable; the freshness of the tomato, with the ricotta and granite was pure perfection. When opting for the tasting menu, I think it’s important to balance your meals with a selection of sweet, acidic, light, refreshing and rich meals. Apart from the fresh tomatoes (grown on the property), the gazpazho granite added a crunchy (element of surprise) texture which helped to balance the dish. Standing ovation Makaron!

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

  1. Beef tartare “poke” bowl

Recently Cape Town’s being going bonkers with the “poke” bowl craze and I finally got to try one myself. This “poke” bowl was absolutely delicious! Now I’ve had beef tartare before, but none came close to the beef tartare at Makaron restaurant. It was well seasoned and flipping delicious! I keep thinking about the pleasantly sweet after taste it left on my palate, with the crunchiness of the seaweed, spring onion and radish, executed beautifully.

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant poke bowl

  1. Baby marrow risotto, cured egg shavings, raw mushroom and truffle.

When the risotto arrived, I was immediately drawn to the bright cured egg shavings sprinkled on the top. The risotto was smooth, rich, creamy and decadent. This is the perfect dish for a cold Winter’s night! Add in some truffle, and it turns any ordinary dish into something extra-ordinary. The egg almost melted into the creamy risotto, each resulting in a thick spoonful of deliciousness!

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant risotto

  1. Chalmar sirloin, umami butter and crispy onions.

The sirloin was tender, juicy and succulent, pan-fried to perfection! I really enjoyed the robust (yet balanced) flavour of the sirloin steak, with the crispy onions! The richness of the umami butter adds an element of richness to a perfectly seared sirloin steak. Butter makes everything better.

(Side note: we were given a 40 minute break in-between the 4th and 5th course).

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

  1. Passion fruit, buchu meringue, coconut and spekboom.

For the grand finale, the passion fruit meringue was the perfect ending to our evening. My sister and I shared the dessert round; both of us enjoyed the final course! I always have to reiterate that I dislike rich desserts, but this dessert was not overwhelming and perfectly balanced. It was presented beautifully, such a great way to end a marvellous evening.

Makaron Restaurant Operating Hours

Makaron Restaurant is open daily for dinner (closed on Wednesdays during winter between May and September), from 18h30 – 20h30. Diners can choose four/five/six courses from the ’small plates’ menu for R450/R565/R675 respectively. An optional wine pairing is also available, at a cost of R770/R940/R1100 for both food and wine.

More about Makaron Restaurant

The ambiance at Makaron restaurant is comfortable, relaxed and not pretentious at all! The service was consistently great, from the time we entered the property, until the end.There is a private bar at the entrance, which is great if you wanting to meet up for a business meeting/drink or a more sophisticated girls night out.

I want to go back in summer, have lunch on the terrace and escape into the charming world at Majeka Hotel! If you’re looking for an adventurous dining experience, give Makaron restaurant a try.

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

Small Plates Tasting Menu at Makaron Restaurant

Thank you to Manley Communications for the invitation and allowing me to dine at Makaron restaurant.

Love and light,


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