The Festive Story of Creation by Creation Wines

The Festive Story of Creation by Creation Wines

As the name suggests it brings a feast of fabulous flavours to the table, all artfully orchestrated with Creation wines to make the taste buds hum with pleasure! Fresh, locally sourced produce and inventive combinations are imaginatively presented to offer a unique taste adventure.

Creation Wines: a heavenly location

Creation Wines is located in the Walker Bay wine region on the Hemel-en-Aarde route. A mere 30-minute drive from Hermanus, or just under 2-hours drive from Cape Town. This wine estate offers visitors breathtaking views with award-winning food and wine experience.

The Festive Story of Creation brings you five courses paired with eight wines.

Chapter 1

The first chapter is a sensorial tasting that stimulates and prepares your palate for the meals ahead. We enjoyed the Creation Sauvignon Blanc 2018 and Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017. Altogether both wines displayed intense fruity and tropical flavours. Most noteworthy, I enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017 for its salty bouquet (aroma), which instantly made me think of our holiday at the beach.

Creation Wines Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Chapter 2

Watermelon gazpacho, sour cream, fuchsia, sorrel paired with Creation Grenache Noir, Viognier 2018.

A sweet and savory chilled soup, perfect for a hot summer day. The watermelon adds a sweet element to the dish, creating the perfect balance of flavours. The aromatic Creation Grenache Noir is discretely pink with notes of ripe peach which complements the gazpacho.

Chapter 3

Cured hake, onion tagliatelle, pickled sea lettuce and cucumber, citrus butter emulsion paired with Creation Reserve Chardonnay 2017.

A surprisingly complex umami flavoured dish that honoured and transformed the humble hake. Adding the citrus elements to the hake created a bright symphony of flavours, which paired exceptionally well the Chardonnay. Without a doubt, the cured hake was one of my most memorable dishes for 2018.

Food and wine at Creation Wines

The cured hake that nearly brought me to tears.

Creation Wines food

Chapter 4

Beef fillet, celery and chive dust, potato and leek puree, braised leek, Reserve Pinot and cherry jelly, violets paired with Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2016.

The creamy potato and leek puree with the braised leek is the star of chapter 4. In contrast to most restaurants, Creation Wines adds its own unique twist to the beef fillet by adding the Reserve Pinot and cherry jelly. Seared to perfection the succulent fillet is brown and crusty on the outside, but tender and pink inside. Delicate peppercorn, clove and berry flavours from the Pinot Noir pairs well with the dish.

Chapter 5

Chicken breast, liquorice asparagus, onion puree, beetroot shoots, chocolate jus, cornflowers, sumac paired with Creation Reserve Syrah 2017.

This is not your ordinary flavourless chicken breast. The culinary team at Creation Wines transformed the chicken into a gourmet meal with the addition of liquorice asparagus, onion puree, beetroot shoots, chocolate jus and cornflowers.

Chapter 6

Coconut and walnut cheesecake, truffle, raspberry coulis, gooseberry gel, lemon verbena paired with Creation Viognier 2018.

A well-balanced dessert with raspberry and lemon verbena flavours was the perfect ending to our meal. Creamy peach, coconut and apricot flavours from the Viognier complemented the dessert.

Creation Wines Rose

The ambiance and customer experience at Creation Wines

The simple design inside the restaurant creates a relaxed environment. None of the art pieces distracts you from the views outside, but blends in beautifully. Apart from the views, the overall customer experience is superb. Carolyn (the co-owner) walks inside and outside the restaurant greeting all guests and checking in with them.

The Authentic Girl Creation Wines

Have any dietary requirements? Creation Wines caters for vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians. They also have a special non-alcoholic tasting menu for children and young adults.

More details here

Cost: R565 per person (60 – 90 minutes)

Telephone: +27 28 212 1107



Final word

In conclusion, the food and wine experience was sublime and is suitable for anyone who enjoys the finer things in life. The inspirational cured hake will forever be in my heart!

Love and light,


Disclaimer: The transport (Percy Tours) and experience were sponsored by Creation Wines.

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