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In case you haven’t seen or heard, The Fix is a new fashion brand within in The Foschini Group, replacing Fashion Express. I have to admit, I was not a huge Fashion Express fan but I do appreciate and LOVE The Fix. The rebranding and fashion is amazing.

The Fix fashion is trendy and affordable. I love their 70’s inspired range and I picked up these 3 items from the store in Blue Route Mall (Cape Town). I chose this Fit and Flare dress retailing for R119.99 and paired it with tassiled fallaway cardigan in black (R219.99). I love the floral print of the dress and the cardigan, it makes me feel like I’m going to a festival. I also chose clothing that suits my body type. I am have a curvy body type, so the flare dress works perfectly for me, bringing attention to the smallest part of my body, which is my waist. I also chose a tassiled cardigan from The Fix, you can wear it over a dress or with a jeans/tights. Its a versatile item that can be paired with so much in your wardrobe. I enjoy the fluidity and colour of the cardigan. You can wear it any season.

Fit and flare dress from The Fix, a division of TFG

Fit and flare dress from The Fix, a division of TFG

The Fix fit and flare dress

The fit and flare dress and tassiled cardigan from The Fix


I wanted a tribal aztec jersey for so long and now I finally have one. I was so excited to purchase and wear this jersey that I cannot remember the price but it was not more than R250. This tribal Aztec jersey in black and white fits perfectly. It’s quite a light textured jersey so you’ll have to wear a long sleeved top underneath.


Tribal aztec jersey from The FixI have a feeling I will be visiting The Fix on a regular basis 😉

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  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    So cute.. You of course!

    I use to liked Fashion Express as I would always come across trendy items at a good price. Since last year, I found their prices were going uo but the quality coming down.
    I love the rebranding of The Fix and it is aiming at a different audience. Young and hip. Getting a similar feel to Mr Price though…

  2. The Authentic Girl says:

    Hey Lalannie

    I purchased a few items from Fashion Express in the past but I found that their clothes did not suit me. These days I really enjoy shopping at The Fix, their clothes are trendy and affordable.

    Perhaps you should give them feedback regarding the quality? Have you purchased anything from The Fix?

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