The power of words

The Power of Words

This blog post is all about the Power of Words, the power of languaging by Robin Sharma.

There’s really two distinctions:

Victim Speak

If you watch a victim speaking you’ll hear things like, “I can’t. I’m sick of. I’m tired of. I don’t like this.”

Leader Speak

I call it leadership vocabulary, it’s much more the language of possibility. It’s much more the language of inspiration, much more the language of energy, much more the language of what can be made to happen.

It makes me think of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had something called the reality distortion field which is a term used by Bud Tribble, who was working at Apple at the same time. He said, “Even if you didn’t believe in Steve’s vision, what he was going to bring into the world, when you were with him you almost got hypnotized by his language, by his belief in himself, by his energy. You got pulled into this reality distortion field so that you actually went, yeah, Steve, this can be done.”

Do you have your own reality distortion field so that when people are around you through your language, you uplift them? Because bottom line words can uplift or words can destroy. If you look at a Nelson Mandela or you look at a Martin Luther King Jr. in his I Have a Dream speech. He used the language that lifted up an entire nation, that showed people what was possible, that painted a gorgeous picture of the future. Then you’ve got some so-called leaders and rather than the language of leadership they use the language of hate. The words they used didn’t lift people up but they destroyed entire nations.

I invite you as you make your leap from where you currently are to where you’ve always wanted to be to get your words right. I’m an absolute fanatic about the words I use because I understand the words I use so influence the people around me. I so understand the words I use affect my energy. Call a problem a problem and it becomes a problem. Call a problem an opportunity and it totally re-frames your psychology and your emotional architecture about how you reply to it.

Some examples: The other day one of my much-valued teammates was looking at I believe a blog post or something I had written and he was going through it making sure it all flowed. He goes, “Robin, I made some corrections on the paper or some corrections to what you did,” and I gently, because I’m a fanatic about language I understand the power of words, I said, “How about rather than calling them corrections we call them optimizations or iterations.” He went, “Ah, love it.”

The other day we’re in my hometown, we’re in the Autumn season. I was talking to someone else and sharing how I love Autumn and he said “fall”. Now you might say, “Robin this is a bit extreme” but I don’t call Autumn “fall”. I call Autumn “Autumn”. Oh, I love the crispness in the air. I love the colors. I love walking in the forest in Autumn. Why? Because fall, the power of that word “fall” means fall. Fall is a negative, emotional, subconscious feeling to it.

Another example: I remember a loved one saying, “Please don’t forget to do this.” A lot of people do that right? You send an email or a text to someone, “Please don’t forget to pick up the milk from the grocery store.” Think about that. “Please don’t forget” psychologically is brain tattooing your habit of forgetfulness. How about rather than don’t forget, to please remember? You really want to be meticulous with your words. You really want to remember that the words you use every single day either create a mind-set and energy level of being a victim or a mind-set and an internal psychology of being a world-class leader. You want to nail your words. You want to use the language of possibility. A problem’s not a problem. A problem is an opportunity. It’s not the language of can’t, it’s the language of I can. It’s not the language of I hate doing this, it’s the language of what’s the opportunity here.

Get your words right and you change entire worlds.

You can watch the video here:

Love and light,


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2 Discussion to this post

  1. Gareth Foster says:

    This is so true! In today’s world filled with so much negativity we can easily slip into a negative mindset. We can especially fall into the victim persona in SA. Leaders speak differently and act differently. I believe we can all go through our day with a leader mentality. I am going to focus on this and try and make it my habit.

    Great piece Megan.

  2. The Authentic Girl says:

    Thank you for your wonderful comment Gareth.

    I’ve recently been researching the power of words and I am beginning to under the power its harnesses.

    We need to speak like leaders, we need to think like leaders, we are the leaders! 🙂

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