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The last month has been tough for me, particularly because I have not been exercising regularly. My blood pressure has been really low making it challenging to exercise. And when I stop exercising, I tend to eat unhealthy.

Eating unhealthy + little or no exercise = 🙁


I cannot blame my low BP for not exercising and 1 month can easily turn into 2, 3, 6 or 12 months.

My attitude changed after I watched this video:

This_Girl_Can[1]On Monday I walked for 20 minutes (brisk walking) and skipped to 500. Today I am doing a 30 minute Women’s Health workout. I already feel more energised and less lethargic. I also noticed that my sugar cravings decreased and you almost automatically start eating healthy again.


There are no excuses and I refuse to complain. Being unfit is not option for me. I’m not focusing on the number on the scale (fortunately I have not gained any weight), instead I want my mind, body and soul to be balanced. And as you can see below, the mind, body and soul are interlinked. When you stop exercising your energy decreases which affects your mind and soul.


Stop making excuses, you don’t need a gym membership or a personal trainer. I have a yoga mat, weights, a skipping rope and some workout DVDs. If you don’t have weights, use one of the following:

  • Soup cans
  • Milk jugs
  • Old socks (Fill them up with pebbles or beans and make sure there are no holes in them)
  • Water bottle (make sure it’s filled hahaha)
  • Books
  • Bag of rice/beans
  • Kids

As long as you get out there and start exercising. It’s never too late to being again.

I will leave you with this centering thought by Deepak Chopra:” I gain lightness and energy from my body”

Until next time folks.



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7 Discussion to this post

  1. deidre says:

    So true my friend luv the video, i started excercising a month ago on the stepper

  2. Milisa says:

    never give up on your fitness goals. One step at a time

  3. christina says:

    I really needed to hear that reminder…stop making excuses! You are so right, skipping one ,month easily turns into two. I need to get moving!

    • megan says:

      Hello Christina

      Thank you for the feedback, I love interacting with my readers.

      The road is not easy but we cannot give up. Take it one day at a time, that’s all we can do.

  4. jodi says:


    I feel like I been found out giRL! :/ meh! lol

    Anyway, #needed the honest wake up call. Thanks for the boost my friend!

    I’ll get to it then 😉

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