Voicenotes are the future

Voice notes are the future

According to the Wall Street Journal, over 200 million voicenotes are delivered on WhatsApp every day. I clearly remember the first voicenote I sent to a friend last year. After playing it back I thought, is this really what my voice sounds like? The sound of my voice made me uncomfortable and I vowed never to send a voicenote again. Well, I lied. After sending and receiving a few voicenotes I became hooked on the convenience of it and hearing human emotion in my texts. My thumbs were tired of typing long texts.

I’ve been called the unofficial voicenote ambassador and I believe that voicenotes are the future.

Let’s put the voice back in communication

Isn’t it time to put a voice back in communication? Real human connection and emotion have become absent in our ‘mute’ world. We are more connected than ever, but in the same breath, we are also more disconnected than ever.

The best part about voicenotes is the human emotion and tone communicated through our voices, leaving less room for misinterpretation. We’ve all been in a situation where the person on the receiving end misinterprets a message. Then you have to do damage control and explain exactly what you meant. With voicenotes, people can hear exactly what you are saying, the tone of your voice and you can say so much more without the hassle of typing long texts.

David Pierce from the Wall Street Journal wrote an article called “Phone Calls Are Dead. Voice Chat Is The Future”. He suggests that voicenotes/chats are becoming increasingly popular because they are “faster than a phone call and do not lack humanity.” There is no dialing or waiting period involved with voicenotes. You log onto the APP, speak, and send the message right away. And that’s where the magic begins.

Why are voicenotes more convenient?

– Unlike a phone call, you listen and reply when it’s convenient for you.

– There is little room for miscommunication as you can hear the tone of voice.

– It is more directed (as opposed to phone calls where you have to speak about your day, how you feeling, what you had for dinner, etc.). Who has time for long conversations these days?

– Voicenotes are the modern-day walkie-talkies without the heavy equipment and terrible sound.

– You can say so much more and it doesn’t take long to record (unless you are like me, who sends a series of podcasts).

Technically speaking, a voicenote longer than 3 minutes classifies as a podcast 😉

In conclusion, voicenotes are warmer and more human than text messages. Do you prefer voicenotes or normal texts? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Lynn Nolan says:

    I still type out my replies Megan, lol

  2. Lalannie says:

    I don’t mind either but voice notes helps to give the message more depth. I love hearing people smiling over the phone. Voice notes are especially convenient when you don’t have time to read. I love listening to long voice notes/podcasts while cooking or getting dressed.

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