My first wardrobe consultation with StylebyLoren

StylebyLoren wardrobe consultation

I’ve spoken to you guys about my morning routine before, but I never told you what happens after the meditating and dancing. Confusion, confusion and running around like a headless chicken trying to find something to wear. When it’s time to get dressed, I usually end up sitting on my bed, in a towel, starring at my wardrobe for least 15 minutes. Sadly, this was a regular occurrence. And then I’d convince myself that I need more clothing. Now ladies, I had a lot of clothing (I say this without sounding boastful). My love for online shopping is evident, but in the past I would buy clothing without being mindful of my body shape. Even after purchasing new clothing, it felt like I was still wearing the same clothes. After purchasing so much clothes, I had no more space in my wardrobe which left me feeling very despondent towards my wardrobe. But that’s enough moaning for one blog post! Today I want to share my first wardrobe consultation with StylebyLoren which changed my energy and attitude towards my wardrobe.

What is a wardrobe consultation?

A wardrobe consultation with StylebyLoren helps you put outfits together, make better fashion choices according to your body shape and arrange your wardrobe to better suit your personality and image.

StylebyLoren sorting my clothing

StylebyLoren creating magic

StylebyLoren in action

What can you expect from a StylebyLoren wardrobe consultation?

Loren comes into your home, takes out all the clothing in your wardrobe/closet and request that you fit on each item of clothing. The duration of the session is between 3-6 hours. Our session lasted for 5.5 hours, but we had so much fun fitting on clothing and creating outfits together. The time flew by very quickly.

After arriving at my home, Loren analysed my body shape. We discovered that I am a combination of an hourglass and pear shape. Thereafter she evaluated my wardrobe, helping to establish what clothing to keep, change or donate to charity. It’s a non-judgemental session with focus on your style and personality. She helped me create the most beautiful outfits with the clothing I already had in my wardrobe! This means I no longer need to go out and purchase more clothing. In addition to the wardrobe styling, Loren gave me so many tips about how to wear my clothing. For example, she taught me how to create 3-4 outfits with from one item of clothing by changing my accessories or adding a jacket. She also illustrated how I can transform an outfit from day to night.

I was blown away by her creativity and stylish outlook, which changed my entire energy towards my wardrobe. The result: I’ve fallen in love with my wardrobe again and my energy and attitude has changed completely. Days after Loren left my house; I would go into my room and stare at my tidy closet which was re-arranged to suit my busy lifestyle.

StylebyLoren wardrobe clearing

StylebyLoren outfit inspiration

StylebyLoren wardrobe consultation

StylebyLoren fashion outfit

StylebyLoren outfit creation

StylebyLoren closet consultation

StylebyLoren outfit creation

Why every woman should book a consultation with StylebyLoren

Loren will analyse your body shape and help you understand which clothing works for your body shape. Therefore you will have to be prepared to get rid of a few items. My wardrobe was extremely full; I could not see any of my clothing. A few weeks before Loren come into my home; I donated half of my wardrobe to charity. With less clothing in my wardrobe, I can actually see what I have, I dress better in a shorter period of time and my life is less complicated! It’s been one of the best gifts I gave myself this year.

Benefits of a wardrobe consultation with StylebyLoren:

  • You will make use of the clothing you already have in your wardrobe and think twice before you buy new clothing. Loren teaches you how to make the most out of the clothing you already have.
  • Understand how to use the clothing in your wardrobe to create many outfits by changing accessories, shoes or adding a scarf.
  • Know what you should be shopping for by understanding your body type. This will save you money as you will not purchase clothing that doesn’t suit your body shape.
  • Last, but certainly not least, you will look stylish and fly!

If you want to create a stylish capsule wardrobe with the clothing you ALREADY have, contact StylebyLoren for more information here. She has various packages to suit every budget.

Side note: a StylebyLoren wardrobe consultation is a great gift to give to a loved one as a birthday or Christmas present.

Over to you

Have you ever had a wardrobe consultation? What do you think of the outfits we created?

Invest in yourself, and your wardrobe!

Love and light,


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