Warwick Wine Estate

Last week Saturday, I was invited to Warwick Wine Estate to experience their gourmet picnic with Zomato and Theodora Lee. Warwick Wine estate is located in Stellenbosch and offers the most beautiful views. We were welcomed with a glass of bubbly and enjoyed the ambiance Warwick Wine estate has to offer. Thereafter, we were spoilt with a food platter (which is offered to clients coming to the picnic) and Warwick wines. After spending the afternoon on the lawn and around the picnic pods, Warwick Wine surprised us with a big 5 vineyard safari tour. The highlight of the day, was the breathtaking views, good food and wine and the safari drive (which is everything, basically).

Food and Wine

Where do I begin? Of yes, the food and wine! This basket of goodness was presented to the table by Chef Shaun. We indulged (or over indulged) and enjoyed the salads, bread and dessert. Judging by how fast the bread was consumed, it was clear that the twisted olive bread was a firm favourite. That umami butter paired with the olive bread is simple but delicious! The shredded BBQ beef was succulent, and paired well with the cold slaw on the olive bread. My favourite dessert was the chocolate cheesecake. I love the simplicity of the menu. This is the type of food I enjoy eating at a picnic, its light and filing. Don’t be fooled, these simple items are packed with flavour.

We received the following items in our gourmet picnic basket:

Fifteen-hour, slow-cooked, BBQ shredded beef served with a fine crunchy slaw
Hot-smoked Norwegian Salmon served on roasted baby potatoes & crispy fried capers with a delicious creamy yoghurt dressing
Chef’s Ceasar salad
A chunk of matured mountain cheese (locally sourced)
Homemade creamy Boursin cheese
Warwick’s famous biltong paté
Twisted olive bread & delicious umami butter
Onion marmalade
A ‘Summer fruit & mixed berry couli’ cheesecake and a ‘chocolate decadence’ cheesecake

Warwick Wine Estate gourmet picnic

Warwick Wine Estate picnic basket

Warwick Wine Estate food

Warwick Wine Estate olive bread

Warwick Wine Estate salmon and capers salad

Obviously the wines are good and they are very easy on the palette. It pairs well with items in the picnic basket. The friendly staff can help you decide which bottle to choose. Our favourite red wine was the Cabernet Sauvignon (The Blue Lady, 2013). The wine is not included in the picnic basket but you can purchase it from the tasting room. You are guaranteed to find a bottle of wine that caters to your budget.

Warwick Wine Estate wines

Warwick Wine estate The first lady

Warwick Wine estate picnic experience

I loved the comfortable cushions, blankets and umbrella. If you want to experience the sun, then leave the umbrella closed. The cushions are quite big, so everyone can lay against it and relax. I particularly loved how the picnic spots are distributed and evenly spaced. Its can only accommodate a certain amount of people, so its not overcrowded. You can still enjoy your private space. The kids can enjoy Warwick Wine estate too, there’s a jungle gym next to the picnic area and you can keep a watchful eye of them (whilst sipping your wine or snacking). And of course, if you want to take a nap, sit back, relax and sleep. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend snoring (kidding).

Warwick Wine Estate picnic area

Warwick Wine Estate picnic


The pictures aren’t enough, you have to go and experience the beautiful scenery at Warwick Wine estate. It’s beautiful, tranquil and peaceful. Just that break you need from the busy city life. I would highly recommend the big 5 vineyard safari tour, which takes you to the top of Warwick Wine estate. The 4X4 ride was a little bumpy, but the views were worth it. Our driver, George, explained the 5 different vines (named Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhino), we learnt so much about the different vines and grape varieties. The Vineyard Safari is perfect for all ages and cost R80 per person.

Warwick Wine Estate vineyard safari

Warwick wine estate safari ride

Warwick Wine estate mountain views

Warwick Wine estate mountain views

Warwick Wine estate mountain views

Warwick Wine estate mountain views

Warwick Wine estate mountain views

Warwick Wine Estate

Warwick Wine Estate Picnic

Cost of the picnic basket:

Baskets for 2 cost R500.00
Baskets for 1 cost R300.00 pp
Kids basket cost R80.00 pp

Kids basket contain a boerewors roll, crisps, seasonal fruit, fruit juice and homemade ice cream cone with colourful sprinkles.

I would highly recommend the gourmet picnic with Warwick Wine estate. Thank you to Zomato and Theodora Lee for having us. Have you been to Warwick Wine estate?

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  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    This is one of my favourite pinic spots by far!! I have been twice. The vineyard safari is so informative and beautiful. The wine tasting just enough to prepare your tummy for the picnic ahead. The picnic basket is always delightful. I love that the menu changes often. The presentation of the food is pretty and there is enough to satisfy two people without feeling hungry. I loved the serenity of the lawn and didnt even notice my neighbours.
    Will add this to my summer list again.

    • Hi Lalannie. They cater for every dietary need and the food is absolutely divine. I loved the views on top of the mountain, its beautiful and you’ll fall even more in-love with Cape Town. I’m happy its back on your Summer list.

  2. Odette says:

    Wow the setup looks great and the food looks delicious.

  3. Thank you Odette! We enjoyed the food and the setting.

  4. Oh my gosh that food and wine looks so good and the view is stunning! What a great day out

  5. It was an amazing day out, thank you The Food Nest 😉

  6. Great presentation. The pictures add flavor to this blog.

  7. Lovely post and a great idea for a picnic day:)

  8. Definitely a great idea for a picnic day Carla 🙂

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