By now, you may have noticed that Jet is running an exciting campaign. For the month of love, they’ve decided to focus on the most important love in your life, you. This Valentine’s Day, Jet wants to encourage women to not only love those around them, but to love and celebrate themselves.

So often beauty is portrayed as being skinny or a size zero but this message is flawed. Any woman, no matter her size, is beautiful and worth being celebrated. We need to encourage and support each other and embrace our bodies, not aspire to unhealthy and unrealistic body goals. Every woman deserves to love herself and all her flaws because beauty comes in different shapes and sizes.

Everything starts with self-love. The moment you accept and love yourself, you can start radiating confidence and encourage other women to do the same. The campaign aims to promote a positive self-image.

The diverse group of eight women featuring in the campaign are real women models (from moms to singers, bloggers, stylists and students) that feel good in their sizes, aiming to fight stereotypical views on beauty.

Now, to meet the beautiful ladies.


LeAnne Dlamini

Singer and songwriter LeAnne, is a multi-talented artist with various awards behind her name. Apart from taking the music world by storm, she is also a mom of two children and understands the challenges of accepting a changing body.

“I want women to see that just because you have kids or you have a little mom belly or your boobs are sagging, that you can look as good as you can be, that’s the message that I’m trying to preach here. To all the moms out there, you have been part of an incredible miracle so love your body. I feel fierce, fabulous and flawless in my size.”

Yoliswa Mqoco

Bold and stylish Yoliswa is a fearless fashion influencer and stylist. She never misses the chance to make a statement, and that’s why we were so excited to have her be part of the #jetloveyourself campaign.

“I have two sisters and they are much smaller than me, but my mother never let me feel that. For me it’s important to realise self-love, it’s the root to everything from your size 28 to size 48, it’s really the same thing because if you have value you really have everything. I love my size I wouldn’t trade my body for anyone else’s. I love mine. I feel like a king in my size.”

Meg de Jong

The radiant Meg is a body confidence activist and blogger at Mind the Curves. She is a professional journalist, editor and content strategist based in Cape Town, and cares deeply about the topic of body positivity, which makes her the perfect fit for the campaign.

“Body positivity is definitely something that I feel incredibly passionate about. It’s not something that I’ve always had. It’s definitely a journey that I’ve been on and something that I’ve grown into. I’m still growing. We all have good days and bad days and I just had to get to more good days than bad, but the bodies that we’re in allow us to do amazing things from loving, touching, hugging and exploring the world. Keep reminding yourself of who you are and what you stand for and what you really believe, it helps you to feel good about yourself.”

Melanie Ramjee

A publicist and marketer by profession, Melanie is a social media enthusiast who aims to enjoy life as much as possible. Most importantly, she is also a mom.

“Having a child completely changed my body. I think it gave me scars, which are my stretch marks. As much as I dreaded all the pregnancy weight gain, I’m blessed to have him. I’m from mixed parents, my dad is Indian and my mom Coloured so they raised me to not see colour, gender – I was raised in a loving home. The way I’ve always dealt with my career, family life and personal life, is that I’ve always been true to who I am, whatever people perceive me to be is who I am, I can’t be anything I’m not. Loving life in my size.”

Lebohang “Nova” Masango

Anthropology student and feminist Nova, is an inspirational poet who is not afraid to talk about subjects that matters.

“I really believe that it is important for us as women to affirm and support each other. I think this is such an amazing movement because the worst thing in the world is to not like yourself, so I think that it’s good that there is a movement that is saying love yourself as you are. You are perfect as you are and we need to believe it and we need to remind other people if they don’t believe it. What makes me feel sexy? My tattoos make me feel very sexy, I love them.”


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