Zandvliet Wine Estate

Kalkveld Lounge at Zandvliet Wine Estate

I recently attended a media trip at Zandvliet wine estate, a charming little gem, on the outside of Ashton. A mere 2-hour drive from Cape Town, Zandvliet wine estate is known as one of South Africa’s first Shiraz producers or the “home of Shiraz.” And understandably so, the Shiraz is pure luxury in a glass! Apart from the award-winning Shiraz, Zandvliet wine estate offers visitors various activities from wine blending sessions, underground cellar tours with art, Clemengold and wine pairing.

Upon arrival, we were treated to a glass of Clemengold gin. I kept wondering why we were given ClemenGold gin but later learned that the fruit grows on Zandvliet estate. After orientating ourselves at the lounge, we were given a short introduction by the head winemaker, Jacques Cilliers.  Thereafter, Leslie the Lounge manager took us on an underground art tour. He showed us the exquisite art and different varietals of wine stored underground. There were dusty bottles of wine on display from the 80’s to 2017, quite impressive! I appreciated the art underground, even though the space is small, I felt really relaxed and enjoyed the experience.

ClemenGold at Zandvliet Wine Estate

Art at Zandvliet Wine Estate

After the art tour, the fun began. And by fun, I mean, wine tasting and blending. We headed to the recently renovated Kalkveld lounge for wine pairing. The citrus and wine synergy pairing cost R75 (per person). You receive 4 varietals of Zandvliet wine paired with citrus flavours. I really enjoyed the chardonnay and ClemGold marmalade, it was my favourite pairing.

Wine tasting at Zandvliet Wine Estate

My favourite pairing was the chardonnay and ClemGold marmalade.

Thereafter, we started the wine blending sessions at the back of the cellar. Each one of the media guests was stationed at a barrel, with tasting notes and 3 varietals of red wine – Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Mouvedre. We had to taste the varietals of wine and decide how we would blend them. Tough job I tell you! After experimenting with the red wine, I wrote down the percentages for my unique blend. Getting the perfect blend for my palate wasn’t easy, but once I decided on a blend, I went ahead and placed the different varietals from the individual barrels into my bottle.

Zandvliet Wine Estate Wine blending

I opted for a subtle red blend, an easy drinking wine perfect for Autumn/Winter. The wine blending experience was special to me for 2 reasons:

  • It was the first time I blended my own bottle of wine.
  • There’s something unique about the experience, it makes you appreciate the wine and every process that goes into creating it. I have a new-found respect for winemaking!

After blending the wine, I inserted a cork in the bottle and placed the label on it. Leslie recommended that we store the wine for 6 months before drinking it. During the month of October, I’ll be enjoying my red blend named “Autumn by Megan”. The wine blending experience cost R100 per person, which I’d highly recommend.

From there we headed back to the Kalkveld Lounge where we enjoyed various platters with farm baked bread. This beautiful lounge is inspired by Zandvliet wine estate itself. With the addition of a fireplace, the atmosphere in the lounge is relaxed and sophisticated. Unfortunately, I became ill halfway through the media trip and was unable to indulge in the feast. However, my media friends assured me that the food was delicious!

Fireplace at Zandvliet Wine Estate

Zandvliet Wine Estate farm style bread

Zandvliet Wine Estate food

If you are attending the Wacky Wine Weekend, be sure to visit the Kalkveld Lounge at Zandvliet Estate. Click here to find out more about Zandvliet wine estate.

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  1. Lalannie Knoll says:

    That gin looks so refreshing!! Love that photo. I want some ‘Autumn by Megan’ please!
    Also just wondering whether you were ‘ill’ or ‘drunk’ … 🤨 haha…

    • You need to come to Cape Town and we can enjoy the blend together.

      Bwahahahaha, no Lalannie, I was not drunk. Just had a terrible migraine 🙁

      • Lalannie Knoll says:

        I’m going to remember that wine for when I come to CT. Best you save it for us 🤗 Besides, wine gets better the longer you keep it.
        Those migraines sound awful though and such a waste of a good event.

        • Oh my word, when are you planning to visit, I want to make sure I can save it for that long LOL 🙂 (kidding)

          We can visit when you are in Cape Town again and do the wine blending session together.

          Yar, I need to go to the Dr. and sort out these terrible headaches. It’s subsided over the last 3 weeks.

          • Lalannie Knoll says:

            I probably won’t visit until next year when my contract is finished. SA is too far for a quick holiday and there are plentiful places that I want to see here.

            We can just look at your blog for ideas of where to go. Two places come from your blog posts.

            Yes, you must go to the dr just to ensure there isn’t a deeper underlying issue. Praying for health for you. X

          • Okay cool! We can definitely visit when you are on holiday next year 🙂

            Thank you, my friend!

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